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Idea – summoning restrictions/enhancements in ESL

TheElderScrolls10 - Idea - summoning restrictions/enhancements in ESL

Around 2002 the first Yu-gi-oh booster set was released.

The card game continued for 6 years in a similar fashion to card games like HS and ESL where cards slowly got stronger.

Things like card draw and summoning multiple creatures a turn was increased but nothing major changed.

Then in 2008 Yu-gi-oh released a new type of creature – Sychro.

This completely revitalised the game. The reason why:

To summon a syncho, for example, you needed a tuner creature and any other creature(s) that add up to the cost of the Synchro

So, for a level 5 Synchro, if we have a level 2 tuner then we would need another level 3 creature on the board at the same time to summon the synchro.

This meant that suddenly every card that had ever been released needed to be re-evaluated as bad cards could now suddenly be good.

I'd like see something like this implemented in a gauntlet or an event to see how people like it.

As we all know the Elder Scrolls is an RPG, one where your character levels up and increases in strength throughout the game.

I'd like to see something like this in the card game.

The idea would be that each card is given a new stat – experience.

This would be how much experience the enemy player gains when they destroy that creature.

Once a player has gained enough experience they can level up on their turn.

Levelling would mean putting a stat point into Strength, agility, endurance, etc…

And the effects could be different depending on the stat, for example, strength could be your creatures do one extra damage to other creatures where as endurance could be your creatures take one less damage.


A level could also mean recovering health or rune etc… (the effect gained of levelling is not the main point of this post)

What this could also add to the game are cards that cannot be played unless you have certain stats.


Attribute: Strength

Cost: 4

Attack: 6

Health: 6

Effect: Something.

Needs at least two points in strength. (Strength 2)

Having extra conditions on creatures required for summoning means that lower cost but more powerful creatures can be created as they would not normally be able to be played on turn 4.

This would mean carefully planning how you are going to level as certain creatures could require points in multiple attributes or multiple points in one attribute.

Adding an experience stat to each card would also refresh the existing pool of cards.

By this I mean a card like bleakcoast troll could give an opponent 5 experience when killed whereas the average 4 cost card might only give 3.

All cards released thus far would need to be re-evaluated.

Bad cards could be made better with this and strong cards could be made weaker as another element in deck crafting would be added: do I want to play stronger cards but let my opponent level up quicker or play cards that restrict my opponent’s ability to level.

Food for thought.

Let me know what you think about this happening in a gauntlet (if we ever get them back) or some sort of story content.

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