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If you have trouble downloading the client with steam…

TheElderScrolls13 - If you have trouble downloading the client with steam...

TWO THINGS that saved it for me. It took me like 2 days of googling, and for the life of me I could not get my steam profile to link with their website without buying the game again. I was stuck outside looking in.

So my problem was I didn't play for a year and needed to update. It kept forcing me to download 2.8 gig patch, then it unpacked it and tried to install that patch (which was 45 gigs or so unpacked). I never made it past 5% and after seeing the same numbers keep trying to get patched over, and over again and still being only at 5% I was sure something was wrong.

  1. Make sure windows does not have to verify your identity. I had the pop up on my dash for a few days and kinda ignored it. All i had to do was re-enter my password for my microsoft account and everything was cool. I switched to a "local" account too but not too sure if that changed anything…

  2. Run as administrator. Not sure if this actually helped but I did it in conjunction with 1. after running as administrator alone did nothing.

After that It actually installed everything, and wasn't stuck in a loop. Started getting downloads that where only 15mb after that, and things moved on.

Sad to see the game is rather empty compared to what it was a year ago. Either that or I'm just in all the wrong places.

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