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I’m absolutely horrified for what the next installment is going to bring to the table.

TheElderScrolls7 - I'm absolutely horrified for what the next installment is going to bring to the table.

First I'm going to tell you guys the order in which I played the games

1.Oblivion 2. Skyrim 3.Daggerfall 4.Morrowind 5.Arena

To show you guys that I'm not wearing nostalgia goggles I personally think that Morrowind is the greatest RPG to ever been manufactured. The thing that bothers me is the sole fact that after TES Morrowind the game just began decreasing the role playing aspect of the game. Skyrim have this weird "YOUR THE CHOSEN ONE" complex when it comes to anything on there when it comes to any quest.

But one of the main things that bothers me is how the factions and guilds work in the games after Morrowind. In Morrowind it was dope asf that if you joined one faction you automatically couldn't join the other at the same time because of moral or political conflicts(for example, fighters guild and thieves guild or mages guild and the telavanni). It makes role-playing so much cooler because you had to make a logical decision based on what you believe. Which made me stop and do research on the guild/faction before making a decision. And in result you'll basically be working against the opposing faction which can cause to the opposing side becoming automatically hostile towards you. It never made sense in Skyrim how your the leader of the companions guild, mages guild, thieves guild and dark brotherhood all at once. It dont make sense how you pledge allegiance to all these gods/deadra but no issues never come of it.(Nightingales and dark brotherhood questlines.)

Imma keep this one short. The amount of spells in Skyrim is about 5% of the spells you can perform in morrowind. Which is INSANE. I don't even make mage characters but you cannot even make spells like WTF.


THEY took away soooo many skills why take out so many weapons???? Morrowind had darts, throwing knives, spears, staves, crossbows without DLC, and etc. They even took out medium and unarmoured skills like wtf? Which kinda makes it mandatory for you to wear armour in skyrim unless your enchanting level is crazy. Like i said this stuff takes away many role-playing aspects. And on top of all this stuff why take away classes?? I get it the attribute system was weird but all they had to do was tweak it.

Random events the things that goes on in Morrowind is wayyyyyyyy more interesting than the random stuff that you see in skyrim. For example you can be walking down a road and meet a lady saying she was robbed by a dark elf. She tells you she's in love with the robber and she gives you her glove and asks for you to find him. In result of finding this dark elf they basically fall in love like 2 psychopaths lol. Or better yet the wizard falling out of the sky after testing his scrolls which sent him launching in the sky and falling to his death. And if you use his scroll if you aren't prepared the same will happen to you. Or the random argonian/kahjit slaves you randomly find and you can fight to free them oh did I mention there's a anti slave faction you can join to fight against slavery???? Or you can help slavers

Moral of the story skyrim have been so simplified it's absolutely sad. Like it makes me worried. I'm playing Morrowind again right now and I'm confused on why the devs made certain decisions.

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