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Im playing TESO for the first time ever. Curious about what to expect

TheElderScrolls2 - Im playing TESO for the first time ever. Curious about what to expect

I've always loved DND type fantasy settings. I'm in 2 ongoing DND campaigns one of which I've had going for a little over two years now.

My gaming background consists mostly of shooters. The first game I have clear memory of playing was Halo 3 ODST 4 years ago. Since then I've played all the Halos (minus Halo Wars) Destiny 1 and 2, Minecraft, and Doom (1993 and the reboots), Metro Exodus, and I'm in the process of playing Metro 2033 Redux. I've also played a good bit of Assasins Creed, No Mans Sky, and I played (but didnt finish) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

I like the setting of the Skyrim world even though my knowledge is limited to what I've seen in memes and passing conversation (Is the "Hey your finally awake" thing in TESO?) so I came here just to get a better picture of the setting and to ask a few questions

  1. What's Tamriel? The title says "The Elder Scrolls Online:Tamriel Unlimited". The page on the Microsoft store says something about Tamriel being the world of the game

  2. What's character customization like? The one thing I hear about Slyrim a lot is character customization. Appearance is a big point of importance for me because if I cant dazzle my enemies with my beautiful FASHION SENSE then there isnt really a point. As far as character stats go, what's that like? Is it similar to DND where theres the six base stats (STR, CON, DEX, etc) and everything revolves around those? Or is it something else

  3. What are some important pieces of lore to understand? The reason why I love Destiny is because Bungie has done a beautiful job of illustrating the Sol System not just through the game, but in the lore books. Lore and story is a big thing for me so I'm curious if theres anything I should be aware of before i start playing

So… as I'm sitting here my xbox says 1 hour until the download finishes so anything would be appreciated. Thanks a killion

Edit: One more question

Destiny has Guardians, Halo has Spartans, Doom has the Slayer, what am I? Meaning what are characters referred to by in this?

Edit 2: The download has finished. I'll see you all in Tamriel friends

Edit 3: I've played for maybe an hour now and the first half hour was spent in character creation. Holy shit

Knowing what I do now with the wisdom imparted by the comment section, I know what I'm going to do

My character Satamyr is a Dragonknight Breton. I'm focusing a bit more on Magicka because I have a specific kind of power fantasy I'm looking for where I can look in a direction and say "Fuck you" in magic to that whole direction. (Picture Walter from The Dark Tower)

Another thing, is there a way to optimize framerates on a base xbox? Either I'm not used to the graphic style or my xbox is having some problems with this game. Could also just be the headache I had earlier. Online school as not been doing me any favors

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