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I’m ready for new cards.

TheElderScrolls12 - I'm ready for new cards.

This isn't a complaint post about the meta or anything like that. It's not even lamenting the lack of creativity in deck building. In fact, I've been having a ton of fun theory crafting and playing with cards I've never used before and taking off meta decks on the ladder to great success. Hitting Legend last month with Mid Monk and Control Spellsword felt incredibly rewarding and reminded me of why I love this game so much: you can make just about any reasonably crafted deck and find success with it, even in a meta dominated by one of the most consistent decks this game has ever seen.

But I'm ready for new cards. Not just for me to find new ways to make Monk decks, but for everyone else to try something different and shake things up. More than that though, I'm ready to see what TESL can become with regular content.

A couple days ago I posted on the Artifact Subreddit, which is currently on fire about the state of the game after launch, and my intent was to encourage them that things will most likely improve soon and I referenced Legends as an example. Personally, I'm actually very happy with the state of the game and where things are going. We are still waiting on a lot of promises to be delivered on, but we've already seen so much progress and we have one of the most communicative and open dev teams I've ever seen at the helm.


When people who have left the game talk about why, it usually boils down to one of three things: broken trust in Bethesda, disliking the aesthetic of the new client, and lack of content. For me personally, I see that Bethesda cares about the game and that Sparkypants is more than capable of delivering. The launch was rough and happened sooner than it probably should have, but without it we wouldn't have had a game at all. Things are so drastically improved since then. And everyone will have different tastes in the visuals.

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But the lack of content is usually the straw that breaks the Merchants Camels back when it comes to people leaving. None of us, even those of us who have been here since the beginning, have ever known a TESL that has a regular content release schedule. For a lot of people, the past 2 years have been too long without it and too many promises of "soon" have left them feeling disenchanted with the game. I can sympathize, even if I'm more optimistic and willing to be patient considering the circumstances.

But I'm ready for new cards mostly because I believe that this game is finally on the verge of seeing regular content, and I'm ready to see Legends meet its full potential. The core gameplay is amazing, we all have experienced that. We know that this is a card game more than perhaps any on the market that let's you build and do anything and be successful. It's a game that is simple to understand, but has just enough complexity and depth to satisfy even hardcore competitive players.

I'm ready to see what the real Legends looks like. Maybe I'm too optimistic, an disillusioned idealist. Maybe. But I want to be proven wrong before giving up on the game I love.

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