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I have to say, it’s really sad seeing this game come to an end, out of all the digital TCG’s currently out, ESL had the most potential. I’m sorry but having played various TCG’s, I started off enjoying Hearthstone but more and more it started breaking, devolving into a cash-grab and consistently changing the meta of the game to absurd levels. I can’t get into Gwent, I’ve tried, I just can’t get into it.

Then we have MTG: Arena, which is an amazing game but isn’t getting ported anywhere besides PC. I would prefer it on Mobile as I find TCG’s way easier and more accessible to play on Mobile. Furthermore, Yu-Gi-Oh is Yu-Gi-Oh, controversial opinion, it hasn’t been good for a long time. It was a classic in its prime but it really has slowly changed for the worse. And Pokemon TCG doesn’t really have a nice digital counterpart that is visually interesting or as polished as MTG: Arena.

On a digital level, ESL was amazing, it had the best visuals out of all the TCG’s, with interesting play-fields, its lane system being a nice concept, the decks, the cards, hell even its single-player campaign, are exceptional. The expansions were interesting and honestly kept me engaged all the time, I know Oblivion was hated but you can’t say it wasn’t an interesting concept and came with my favourite playfield so far (save for Isles of Madness.) I even watched what little Esports it had and they were GOOD!!!


Seriously that’s what makes me even sadder, how it was thrown under the bus when it came to marketing, promotion and the Esports scene. This game could’ve easily been equal to Hearthstone’s scene if given the chance and the marketing to promote this game. The matches are actually really fun to watch play out and seeing all the decks and strategies the best of the best used, it was just as good and exciting, I could only imagine what it would’ve become had they given it a chance.

Bethesda from the get-go just threw this out there and didn’t really commit to it or back it. It went through two studios, it just wasn’t exactly being treated with confidence and had they done so (and also expanded upon it outside of basing their themes entirely on ESO’s expansions and past games) they would’ve allowed it to thrive better than it has with a dedicated but niche audience.

It’s frustrating to see it unfold and come to this, this game deserves to be more and to evolve. It’s an exceptional TCG and it does not deserve to be cast aside, it deserves so much better. It’s by far one of the most polished TCG’s out there

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