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IMHO: Single worst game change ZOS has ever made

TheElderScrolls14 - IMHO: Single worst game change ZOS has ever made

I've played for about six years, and for most of that time, I've been an ESO+ subscriber. But no more. I cancelled my subscription after ZOS made the worst, brain dead, ill-considered change to game play.

Healers can no longer heal randoms/green-bars in Cyrodiil.

That change is stupid on so many levels.

For those of you not aware, heals only work on group members in Cyrodiil. No one around you benefits from the heals you cast unless they're in your group.

So, just a few for instances. Your group is defending a keep. Let's say Faregyl. Some of your group is on the walls using seige. A tank is in the breech defending it, and melee are chasing down 1vxers before they can burn oils or harass people on the walls. Your heals are useless to any of them that are out of reach, as well as all the green bars around you. You're also not getting much AP because, hey, you're not healing very many players.

Or, your group is primarily on the ram and surrounding ballistas. A couple of bombers come in and take them out. There's still 20 green bars around you, but you can't heal any of them. And you can't make any AP.

Or, knowing that you can only heal group members, you've spammed zone chat with lfg for 20 minutes. Frustrated at the lack of a pick-up, you log off and play Call of Duty.

Or, you like to run solo, but you can't because ZOS says you have to group if you want your skills to mean anything.


Or, you get separated from your group for whatever reason (slow horse, stuck in combat, DCed). Your healing skills are useless to any players you come across while making your way to your group. You can't heal while they 1vx, or try to take a keep.

Healers are losing relevance across the game. In PVE, it's common knowledge that a decent group doesn't need a healer for a non-dlc, vet hard mode dungeon. We typically run them with 3 dps and a tank. For that matter, I remember farming vet Mazz for amber plasm jewelry four years ago with 3 dps and a tank. Yet in the ZOS activity finder, someone has to be listed as a healder, even if they have no heals on their bar.

Trials and arenas, healers are relevant. They're decent in harrow storms, but not critical. DLCs are hit and miss. Some easy without a healer, others not-so-much.

In PVP, I see the healer as far less relevant than they used to be. Now that we can't heal randoms, and randoms can't get heals from us, self-healing will become much more important. That minimizes the need for a healer. It doesn't completely eliminate it, but they're no where near the lifesavers they were.

And, yes. I'm the same guy who plays with one hand and credits the game for some of my recovery. But now, I'm ready to give it up over this bogus change. ESO+ no more.


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