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Immersion Addons Guide ! 2.0

TheElderScrolls3 - Immersion Addons Guide ! 2.0

I am looking to make a future guide for people about settings and addons for immersive gameplay, I need your help and input, since all of these were shared with me by the community, I am sure I am missing lots.
It always surprises me when I get an addon I like and ask myself…
How have I ever lived without this addon.
So, I hope to get that feeling again and maybe I can help a fellow ESO player achieve that too.
I like to have Addons and Settings configuration for Immersive Gameplay. It makes this game that much better when you get it right for Questing the way you want it. It's either a small Tweak in Settings or a full on addon that will help you achieve that.

Please share your Addons, Tips and Recommendations for Immersive Gameplay, so I may add them, I remember the first time I started ESO and it was quite challenging finding everything I did not know I needed, so sharing will definitely help others too.
Immersion Addons
All of these addons are on PC only
These addons can be downloaded and installed with the Minion Program at
To find other addons go to

Bandits User Interface
Has A Khajiit Mode which makes other players invisible to you! But notably almost does everything else you need an addon to do like: different UI styles, themes, Group and Raid frames, frames movement mode and MANY more settings. I highly recommend playing with all the settings to see to what extent you can customize with this addon.

Clock – Tamriel Standard Time
This Clock adds a completely customizable and movable label to the game which shows you the current date and time of Tamriel and of Earth (linked to your system time, thus it is accurate where ever you are). Additionally, it also shows the current state of the moon and the remaining time to the next phase.

Collection bars
With this addon you can display any selected collections as bars Or Key-bind them.

Combat Reticle
Customize the Reticle modes with lots of features for each type of intractable. This addon helps customize when you will see your reticle, fully customizable for Interactables, Neutral Targets, Combat, Stealing and more.

Cowl – helm/hat toggle
This adds a keybind (Settings > Controls > Cowl) to toggle helms visible/invisible, meaning you no longer have to navigate to collection menus

Dressing Room for Scalebreaker + OR AlphaGear 2
These Addons lets you create Profiles and Builds that may be activated with a single button keybind. Each build consists of auto equipping pieces of armor, jewelry, weapon bars including poison, skill bars and more. This Addon is great if you want to have different looks for Towns, Battles and different Zones Climates or weather.

Harven's Quest Journal
Like the Elder Scrolls Morrowind Journal but for ESO. It automatically records all your quest steps and objectives including some NPC conversations. Fully configurable even the color of the Journal.

Idle Animations AND/OR Custom Idle Animations
Is an addon that gives personality to your character. When sitting idle for several seconds, your character will perform an emote (animation). There are many different styles to choose from, even a Random option that cycles through all animations and a Custom option that let's you pick your own!

Immersive Interactions
Customizable Interaction with NPC that make it possible to only hear the voice and hides all NPC dialog text in the interaction window. This absorbs you into the game more as you really have to listen to the NPC. Fully configurable with keybinding to make it show or disappear.

Ride a mount in 1st person-view. Very Immersive to ride 1st person View.

Librarian Book Manager
Librarian records every book your character reads in-game and keeps a list of when it was found and whether you have marked it as read, allowing you to continue questing (and not hold up other players) while being confident you won't forget to read anything later.

FCO Chat Tab Brain
Annoying chat notifications can be deleted or directed to chat window, chat window would stay minimized when changing zones or reloading the UI and many more settings. Makes the Chat Background fade instantly.

This addon provides a quick and easy access to emotes and to personalities.

Khajiit Speaks
It modifies the player dialog option text into the wonderfully garbled Khajiit Speak. Applicable mostly for true Khajiits 📷


Pin Killer
Fully configurable, this add-on will hide any and all manner of floating quest pins in the world, on your map and on your compass. Makes you really pay attention and explore the world fully if you wish.

NTak Camera
This addon includes many camera features to enhance the game experience. Gain total control and enjoy all the world using the camera settings you want depending on what you do. Includes over the shoulder camera and Control of the camera in Werewolf mode.

No, thank you
This addon allows you to block or redirect unwanted messages, notifications to the chat and alter behavior or some systems of the UI.

pChat is an addon to overhaul the way text is displayed in the chatbox, make your chat customizable as it should be. But most Importantly lets you Bind Multi-keys with CTRL,SHIFT and Alt.

Sit On Benches (Continued)
You can now sit on those comfy benches in the tavern. Or temple pews. Or thin air, I don't care.

True Exploration
This is known as the "Fog of War" in some games. This hides all portions of your map until you actually explore that area. Fully configurable with chat commands to reveal portions or whole maps individually if you ever need to.

Voltan's Darker Nights
It makes in-game nights Much darker. The effect is adjustable for the new moon and full moon nights. This addon make nights feel like real nights. Great to use with Treasure Hunter Personality with with Almalexia's Enchanted Lantern (Memento) as the light source.

Votan's Lore Library Search
Adds a full-text-search button to Lore Library, to search in title and content of known books. Optional highlights the text found in the book.

Wykkyd's Full Immersion
Full Configurable settings with Full Immersion Hideables: Hide Compass, Hide Quest Tracker, Hide Hold to Interact Window and auto-sheathing your weapon and many more settings.

Zone Name Alert
This addon displays the name of the zone or subzone you're currently entering in the center screen announcement area. The goal is to improve player's immersion in the world and, in the case of Cyrodiil, to improve player's awareness about flagged/unflagged status of the keeps, resources and Imperial City districts in his vicinity. Look in comments of the addon on how to remove the Zone Name Alert Notification in top right corner completely if you wish.

Skyrim Style UI – Oblivion Style UI – Morrowind Style UI
Texture overhaul mods that gives the UI an aesthetic look from one of the 3 older games.

Immersion Configuration of Settings
These Settings are For PC and Console .Playing with and Adjusting these settings will help either to have a clean UI or the level of immersion you wish to achieve. Note that some Addons may overlap these settings.

Settings – Gameplay – General – Foot Inverse Kinematics
Enabling this setting will make your feet rest more naturally on the terrain.

Settings – Gameplay – Combat – Cues and Colors
Displays Visual Cues to combat behavior, limiting this helps immersion

Settings – Gameplay – Items – Hide Mount; Stamina; Speed; Capacity
Displays Visual Changes to your mount depending on the option, With all the loot one has… it only makes sense to turn on the Capacity one, if wanting realism, unless you have a bag of holding 📷

Settings – Camera
Adjust to your preferences the settings as you wish, Notable ones are:
“Field of View Changes”- “Screen Shake” – “Head Bob”- “Field of View”

Settings – Interface – Quest Tracker
Displays the quest tracker on the top right corner, disabling this makes the UI Clean.

Settings – Interface – Quest Giver Icons & Compass Quest Giver
Adjust to see only the desired Icons in the 3D world.

Settings – Nameplate – Nameplates & Healthbars
Adjust to see only the desired Nameplates and Healthbars

Settings – Nameplate – Indicators
Controls the glow of interactables and targets

Settings – Social – Chat Settings – Minimum Transparency
Controls when the Background of the Chat will disappear. If you want to have a Empty screen without minimizing the chat and seeing that Triangle, Create a new chat tab with the + Icon, Un check all options and name it. Then you can play with that chat window open and the background will fade in the time you set depending on your transparency setting.

Settings – Combat – Heads-up Display
Controls the visibility of your Attribute bars and skills

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