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Improving my Breton Nightblade

TheElderScrolls6 - Improving my Breton Nightblade

I started playing ESO about 4 years ago and rolled with a Breton nightblade. I love rogue-ish types of characters, human/elvish races, knives and bows. Despite a Breton being far from ideal, I stuck with it and experienced the entire storyline so far with one and the same guy. I don't plan on creating a new character.

With that out of the way, I've started improving my stamblade (I can sense the downvotes coming) Breton for the past year and got quite good with him (I play mostly PVE, more than often solo). But I want to do even better. I don't care about min/max, but I just want to be able to do more damage and stay alive.

After following many builds (such as from Alcast), I keep going back to using DW/Bow, mostly because I've gotten so used to it. Are there any builds that are suitable for a Breton stamblade with DW/Bow? I might even settle for a 2H/Bow (or anything/Bow), but would love to remain DW/Bow if possible.

For those who are wondering: I have tried a race change a few times. Imperial, Khajiit, … But somehow I felt weaker and died so much quicker than on my Breton. It didn't take long to race change back (hooray for those free tokens we got a long time ago!)

I have considered switching to magblade, but then I'd feel less like the classic fantasy rogue. I did collect various gear suitable for a magblade, but decided not to change (at the time). If there's a way to play a magblade with melee/bow (and not suck), I'd be happy to know and try it out.

As of now my build is like this:

Attributes: magicka 0, health 0, stamina 64

Max magicka: 17438

Max health: 20558

Max stamina: 32374

Magica recovery: 710

Health recovery: 368

Stamina recovery: 1312

Spell damage: 1571

Spell critical: 14.0%

Spell resistance: 16803

Critical resistance: 1320

Weapon damage: 2443

Weapon critical 46.1%

Physical resistance: 15761

Boon: The Shadow

Food: purple that incleases max health by 4462 and max magicka and max stamina by 4105 for 2 hours

Main hand weapon: Briarheart axe (infused, absorb stamina enchantment)

Off hand weapon: Briarheart Materre's Bodkin dagger (infused, absorb stamina)


Main hand backup: The Maelstrom's Bow (infused, absorb stamina)

Head: Briarheart helmet (medium, divines, max health)

Chest: Hunding's Rage (medium, divines, max stamina)

Shoulders: Selene's pauldrons (heavy, infused, max health)

Waist: Hunding's Rage (medium, divines, max stamina)

Hands: Hunding's Rage (medium, divines, max stamina)

Legs: Hunding's Rage (medium, divines, max stamina)

Feet: Hunding's Rage (medium, divines, max stamina)

Neck: Briarheart collar (robust, weapon damage)

Ring 1: Ring Of The Pale Order (bloodthirsty, stamina recovery)

Ring 2: Briarheart band (healthy, stamina recovery)


The Tower: warlord 25, sprinter 27, bashing focus 18

The Lover: mooncalf 100, arcanist 2, healthy 2

The Shadow: tumbling 48, shadow ward 48

The Apprentice: /

The Atronarch: physical weapon expert 10, master-at-arms 60

The Ritual: thaumaturge 40, mighty 60, piercing 40, precise strikes 60

The Steed: ironclad 40, spell shield 30, medium armor focus 50

The Lady: hardy 37, elemental defender 46, thick skinned 21

The Lord: expert defender 15, quick recovery 31


Dual Wield front bar: Killer's Blade, Dark Shade, Shadowy Disguise, Charging Maneuver, Rapid Strikes, Incapacitating Strike (ultimate)

Bow back bar: Echoing Vigor, Relentless Focus, Leeching Strikes, Endless Hail, Lethal Arrow, Flawless Danwbreaker (ultimate)

Other passive skills that matter in a build (I won't mention other skills that shouldn't influence my build): all assassination, all shadow, siphoning (soul siphoner, catalyst), all dual wield, all bow, all medium armor, heavy armor (constitution, juggernaut), all fighter's guild, all undaunted, all breton skills

I'm pretty sure there's something that can be done to be better, so any constructive criticism/help is welcome. If there's no way to improve, I might eventually try out magblade.

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