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I'm a new player. I recently just hit 111 CP and have been enjoying the game so much. I am a Dark Elf Templar Healer and also have the Vampire skill line because i'm really enjoying some of the passives/skills that I can use outside of healing for dungeons. I'm playing with one other friend who is a StamWarden so we have easy time completing Public Dungeons by ourselves such as the ones in Wrothgar.


The thing that I'm complaining about is, while doing random queues for dungeons sometimes we get dungeons that have actual mechanics. This isn't the issue however as I regularly play WoW and FFXIV at what I would consider a higher skill level than your average player. The thing that is annoying me is when we get something that clearly has a "One shot" Mechanic or just overall mechanic that is "difficult" *pretty much any of the dlc dungeons* and we have people who CLEARLY know what they are doing being 1000+ CP and almost everytime like clockwork it's "Insert Insulting Message Here" then "@420cyrodiilkillerz69 has left the group". Is it not customary to just say what the mechanic is? I get people just want to complete shit fast like I really do, but don't queue up for a RANDOM NORMAL if you expect people to know 100% what to do. All it would take is saying "Do this not this" and bam I'd be solid.

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