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Introducing the “Make Everyone a Tank” Tank : Omni Aegis

TheElderScrolls7 - Introducing the "Make Everyone a Tank" Tank : Omni Aegis

It all started in Veteran Frostvault late 2019. I was busy running an ultimate generation build on my necromancer tank so I could rapidly pop my resurrection ultimate over and over again on my dead teammates during the lazer boss fight.

The enraged adds there are relentless, often sending AOEs through your entire group during the shield phase, hitting your DPS and healer for 20k+ through blocking.

My job, as the tank, of course, was to blow up as many of them as possible with the spheres that roll along the ground so our DPS could focus on the actual boss… but sometimes RNG just doesn't favor your explod-y plans.

Regardless, that ultimate regen build worked. Every time the group died, BAM, resurrected instantly. However, we really wanted a no death in there… so I got to thinking… what if I could just make everyone a tank?

Well, after getting the Frozen Treasure Seeker title on 2 different tanks (requires a no death, a speed run, and a hard mode, although not simultaneously, in Frostvault), having my teams intentionally stand in as much stupid as possible to test the limits, and trivializing many no death runs in essentially every dungeon, I'm finally ready to share with the world one of my favorite builds, the Omni Aegis or "Make Everyone a Tank" tank build.

While this build works best on Warden tanks, you can modify it to fit any class tank, as I review in the video.

Check it out here:

In the video, I go over:

  • The idea behind the build
  • Gearing options for close range fights (everyone stacks near tank)
  • Gearing options for any range fights (no requirements on where anyone has to stand)
  • Gearing options if you aren't a Warden tank
  • Front and Back bar setups (general) for any tank
  • Front and Back bar setups for a Warden tank

When you're done checking out the build video, you can also see it in action in Vet Icereach, as I have full footage (5x speed for the boring parts) using this build from a recent Storm Foe title run (trifecta of the Hard Mode, Speed Run, and No Death).


Storm Foe Title Run Footage:

UPDATE: Many people commented that they prefer text to video for builds, so I've taken the text slides from the video and am putting them below.

What it means to "Make Everyone a Tank"

-Buff resistances to tank level

-Increase health

-Give shields

-Reduce incoming damage

-Provide passive healing

Omni Aegis: Why Warden?

Expansive Frost Cloak (Skill): Gives everyone Major Resolve

Polar Wind (Skill): Unselfish health-scaling tank heal

Maturation (Passive): Gives everyone an extra 10% health

Permafrost (Ultimate): Gives everyone Major Protection

Omni Aegis: Why Not a Warden?

-You don't have a Warden tank

-You play with a Warden healer in your group already

-You have a tank you already hunt achievements with

Gearing Options Overview:

Close Range Fights (team can stack close to tank for most of fight)

-Grave Guardian


-Battalion Defender

-Hiti's (Weapons and Jewelry)

-Lord Warden (Monster Set)

Any Range Fights

-Mighty Glacier (if there is no Warden in group)

-Meritorious Service (Weapons and Jewelry)

-Automated Defense



-Shadowrend (Monster Set)

-Troll King (Monster Set)

-Thorvokun (Monster Set)

Skills (General Bar Setup)

Front Bar

-Tank Heal


-Source of Major Resolve

-Flex Spot 1 (purge, group damage shield, maim)

-Flex Spot 2 (your choice)

-Ultimate (War Horn, Barrier, or Class Ability)

Back Bar

-Tank Heal

-Range Taunt

-Blood Altar

-Wall of Elements

-Chain/Pull Ability or Flex Spot (your choice)

-Ultimate (War Horn, Barrier, or Class Ability)

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