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Is Balgruuf that innocent? (Theory)

TheElderScrolls5 - Is Balgruuf that innocent? (Theory)

Now I like Balgruuf as much as the next person, though since I usually choose Stormcloaks don’t see him as much. Though I’ve been wondering, is he really that innocent. I was think of some things about it and here they are.

First Case Nelkir: Now most people know him as either that annoying child (describes all of Balgruuf children tbh) or as the one who has a different mother. Why? It isn’t exactly told, but he is obviously a bastard child. Now the pint comes up maybe Balgruuf has a second wife. Now that is a easy answer probably would be the right one except for one simple thing, why doesn’t Nelkir know? Nelkir doesn’t know about his heritage until Mephala tells him. Now this means that very little people know he does, since his step siblings don’t tell him. Now that brings up the question, why wouldn’t Balgruuf’s first wife have told their children when she realized Balgruuf had a second kid? There is little people who seem to know about this, which begs the question where is Balgruuf 1st wife?

Case 2, The Ebony Blade: Now anyone can agree, it’s a little weird how Balgruuf just has it locked away. Like why does he have this at all? Shouldn’t this have been give to the Vigilants of Stendarr? They would have probably taken it to the Imperial City to have it locked away. But he doesn’t do that, two people know about this, his court wizard and himself. Now why would Balgruuf not turn this in, and why would he hide it away. Answer to that could possibly be, he used it.

Case 3 Tavern: Now we learn from some speech that Balgruuf likes to go down and drink with his people, very respectable, now what if on one of these trips he accidentally have a accident happen and he ended up having a woman expecting his kid? This would explain Nelkir, but there’s more to it then that.


Possible conclusion: 1. Balgruuf got someone pregnant and he didn’t want his wife to found out so he killed her with the Ebony blade, this could have happened around when Nelkir was being born so maybe he killed Nelkir mother as well. He then try’s to have the forge destroy it, it doesn’t work, so then he has it locked away, and now Melpha connects with who caused her blades lockup. Hole in this theory is where Balgruuf got this blade to begin with. Except for one piece of evidence I found,

Case 4: Ireleth:
Ireleth Balgruuf’s Housecarl, known for being a Dark elf. Now what does this have to do with anything? Well while looking I discovered something extremely interesting. Melpha is known for being worshipped by The Morag Tong guild of Morrowind. Morrowind home to the Dark Elves. And wouldn’t you know it guess who she was trained by, The Morag Tong. Now I say I say it’s quite a coincidence that the Ebony blade, the Daedra Artifact of Melpha, who is worshipped by The Morag Tong, who trained Balgruuf’s Housecarl, is in possession of Balgruuf stashed away. Now what does this mean? It could open up something of maybe Balgruuf wasn’t the one who killed his wives and he ordered the Morag Tong to do it, or he killed his first and then killed off Nelkir mom by using the Morag Tong.

But this is just a theory, a simple theory. Would love to know your guys thoughts on this

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