The Elder Scrolls

Is it possible to get into this game if you find the solo questing boring?

TheElderScrolls10 - Is it possible to get into this game if you find the solo questing boring?

I played wow for ~4 years, ages ago, and quit when it got antisocial and oversimplified. I haven't played another MMO since but still crave the things I used to like about it. Mostly, I enjoyed character progression combined with challenging small group stuff like dungeons and pvp that necessitate cooperative play along with the strategy of everyone using their talents together. Maybe some super casual raiding because it's fun to hang and do the dance but not really caring too much.

I bought this game awhile ago and got bored before getting out of the start areas, but really want to give it a shot. Is there a lot of this type of group content with people actively doing this stuff? I like to think back to wow before the random-queue and stuff killed the fun of finding groups and going to a place where the content was reasonably difficult so you got to know people etc. Does this exist in ESO and how early on can you start finding people to do group content?

The biggest obstacles for me are:

  1. Quest leveling in an mmo is plain boring because it is usually watered down, easy and your character still isn't complex/fun yet anyways
  2. ESO seems waaaay less structured and accessible than WOW was. This was a major turn off because I am confused as hell looking at a new character and not even knowing enough to figure out a direction or what's even possible. There's no talent trees I can inspect from the start and decide where to go. Theoretically I'd prefer something that is really useful for group play like some sort of support that DPS and heal/tank on the side and isn't just a button mash. (mained a druid and will never be able to stand pure classes)

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