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“Is my dps good?” – a guide to better dps

TheElderScrolls4 - “Is my dps good?” - a guide to better dps

First how do you test dps? You could use an add on, you could record your session and add everything together and divide by time, or you could jump on a training dummy like the rest of us.

Now that you are looking into dps and training dummies which one do you use?

  • small dummies (3k – 3mil) These give no bonuses (normally) and will give raw dps (solo content dps)

  • trials dummies (21mil +) These give all important buffs a good healer and tank can put on you in trials content. (These buffs help a lot) to see your dps to compare with ppl slog through one of these solo and get your number at the end.

What is average dps? Tank – 5k don’t sweat it. U eat dmg not deal it

Healer – you should deal 1/2 a dps’s damage on a normal day. Focus on buffing your bro’s and keeping everyone alive

The rest of use – sadly the actual average dps is low, 10-20k on a good day on a small dummy and 30-40 on a trials one. This dmg is nothing to be ashamed of, you can always get better. (This average is a guess at all players dps, not just the ppl that practice and strive for excellence as they often will say averages are much higher… sadly they are not, don’t let them fool you).

What dps should you shoot for?

Low lvl (cp 160 or less) – 10k

Cp 200 – 1000 Your dps greatly varies in this zone, with max gear and a decent rotation you should hit 40k + on a trials dummy. With blue gear and a ok rotation u will find you can put out 20k-40k.

Cp 1000+ Shoot for the moon m8. 70k+ u should have max’d gear at this point

How to boost dps above average:

Stamina vs mag Stamina has more armor but a generally harder rotation to reach good dps. Magica tends to have less armor but easier dps. Light and medium armor are a dps’s friends as they have passives that boost dmg. Start with collecting two sets that boost dmg, crit or penetration in your respective armor weight


Next! Focus on getting the traits you want. Then upgrade your jewelry and armor to purple and focus one weapon to gold tier. Armor tier gives less bonuses than the weapons to your dps. You should have 2 5pc sets and a monster set (or a 2pc set to boost ur dmg like an arena weapon).

Now that your gear is in order… what food and potions are you using? Max stats and recovery are important and you should find food that buffs both on your main damage stat. As for potions buy some damage potions or burn some AP and get them from a pvp vendor (these give dmg, crit and recovery).

Finally! look up what skills different builds use and get a good idea for your class. You will want:

A spammable, a few dots and a buff or two.

Finally! Work on your rotation, a basic rotations is: Buff, apply dots, spam 2-5 times, repeat

Use both bars and make use off all ur skills. Before you use any skill drop a light attack to deal ‘free damage’ as you can light attack between two skills during the time your character transitions from one skill to another.

Final things to note! Dps is modified by all the things I talked about and more. If you use a build guide its easy to find good dps gear, food and potions. These guides are normally for higher cp players and will give you the “best gear” for your build. This isn’t the only gear and shouldn’t be the exclusive gear you use. Find what works for you as it is often going to only cost you a small bit of dps but will let you enjoy eso more. You can always lvl up and practice until you can deal 100k+. The only place you would need this high of dps is vet hard mode content. Normal content needs only about 40k at the most. Don’t stress about your dps, you can always improve.

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