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Is Serana a good person?

TheElderScrolls14 - Is Serana a good person?

Iv been replaying Dawnguard lately at yet another attempt to fully and finally clear Skyrim of all I want to do there (with mods its literally impossible) and yet again subjected myself to her sad, infuriating and gross (if you know the lore a bit) backstory. I really like Serana, easily the best companion in Skyrim, even if usually that is not saying much, but I dont really know what to think of her as a person.

Dont get me wrong, her life is beyond fucked up and I honestly dont know if I even know the full story but im kinda wierded out at how much she plays the both sides for lack of better words.

So she clearly had a wierd childhood, most likely very sheltered, being the daughter of King and likely queen of an ancient kingdom. Knowing Harkon and his sacrifice of thousand people to please Molag, the kingdom wasnt all that nice a place so she probably wasnt allowed to go frolick in flower fields. She was mostly alone both before and after becoming a vampire and very emotionally dependant on her parents, which is really obvious during Dawnguard when even tho her father is completely gone she would still prefer not to hurt him.

But even then, her moral compass is very weak as we never really see her lament the people her father killed, nor that they worshipped a daedra prince, one so fucked up as well, it seems borderline normal to her and she only admits to it being abnormal when it completely ruins her family.


She is also a Vampire and has been one for a long time even discounting being locked up so logic would dictate that she killed plenty of people and of course she doesnt wink and eye at the cattle in her fathers castle, on the other hand during Dawnguard she doesnst seem to feed on anyone, at least as far as we know and she doesnt seem like a cruel person, working with Dawnguard with relative ease even tho they murder her kind.

Then there is the relationship she can build with Dragonborn, its never really properly said and for obvious reasons would never culminate in marriage, but seeing as how she is willing to give up the Vampirism because of him/her and likely because now she doesnt need it to be part of the family anymore, would indicate that she never had strong feelings towards it to begin with, she liked the abilities but only accepted them as gifts for what she has undergone.

I genuinely dont have a good read on her, obviously her fucked up backround likely gives her certain immunity to atrocious acts of her parents and apologetic and somewhat accepting tendency towards it but she doesnt seem to be like that herself, while on the other hand she seems remarkably well adjusted to most everything bar relationships, anything to do with worship and physical closeness, understandably.

Can someone give me some rundown on her? Id like to have something to bounce my thoughts off of, thanks 🙂

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