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Is Strident Springs home worth it?

TheElderScrolls13 - Is Strident Springs home worth it?

I'm rather new to the game, and found that there isn't anything very important to buy with gold. Most gear drops from dungeons/WBs or crafted, and I'm currently feeding a crafting toon anyway so I won't really need to pay people to craft me stuff.

So I'm doing what any sensible man would do and buying a house. At first I was torn between Cyrodilic Jungle House and Sleek Creek House (a garden is a must), but I figured I'd make one final purchase and not have to upgrade later on. Strident Springs is big but not too big (looking at you, Grand Psijic Villa), has enough room for everything and above all, looks amazing, so I'm set on that.


However, 1.2m is a steep price. Very much so. I've been saving since I started and currently around 500k mark. So it's a huge investment, and I'd rather be sure that what I'm spending my hard earned money on is worth it.

Is there anything that this home can't do? Looking through my houses – or rather, rooms, I've noticed that they say they're too small for dueling. So I'm getting the hint that some homes can do things others can't.

Any problems anyone had with this house? Should I keep saving up for it, or should I pick another one?

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