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Is this deck horrible and incapable of winning, or do I just suck?

TheElderScrolls4 - Is this deck horrible and incapable of winning, or do I just suck?

Daily quest for this morning was to activate slay 15 times, and I've never really played Slay decks before even when Ebonheart Slay was a big thing when Falkreath Defiler was crazy overpowered. So I threw this together today, thinking it might be fun to play and at least decent in casual:


But I mean, no. It was embarrassing. It took me 6 games to get 15 slay triggers, with 2 of those games not getting me a single trigger. One of them was against a singleton Telvanni deck where the guy seemed to draw a perfect answer to my creatures every single turn, which kind of infuriates me when I know he's playing what should be an inconsistent singleton deck. At one point I got out a Night Talon Lord on like turn 6, but he plays Berne Clan Nightstalker and then transforms it with Altar of Despair, killing my Lord instantly. I'm like, OK, come on! How am I this unlucky? One game was against Alfiq battlemage, which of course I wouldn't expect to beat with a deck like this, but some of the other games it just felt like I was very unlucky / my opponent was very lucky to play cards I couldn't slay or to remove my creatures every single turn. I wasn't expecting to win games, I didn't really care about that, but I couldn't even pull off the purpose the deck was created for, to just trigger as many Slay abilities as I could. Just pathetic. Did I design an absolute dogshit deck that any decent player at this game would recognize wasn't going to work for what I wanted? Or did I get super unlucky somehow? Or maybe I just continue to suck so bad at this game that I can't succeed even at stupid shit like triggering Slay 15 times in casual games with a deck designed for no purpose other than to trigger slay without even trying to win the game…

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The reason I ask this here is because the game is just so frustrating to me lately, it feels like I can't succeed at anything I try do, from ranked to casual to just plain janky shit for accomplishing daily quests or getting titles, I can't succeed at anything! It would at least be helpful to know if I just put together a deck that was much worse than I thought it was and learn from that, or if that's not the case, then I know that it's the way I'm PLAYING these decks, which I don't know how to solve and improve if that's the case but it's probably the case and it would be helpful to at least know that….

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