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Isle of Madness rules FAQ

TheElderScrolls3 - Isle of Madness rules FAQ

Isle of Madness is a little crazy, but hopefully this post can answer any questions about how the new cards are going to work. I'll keep this updated with rules for new cards as they are revealed.

Thadon, Duke of Mania and Syl, Duchess of Dementia

  • Mania and Dementia are special lane rules that remain even after the Duke or Duchess leave play.
  • Mania and Dementia are in addition to Shadow Lane, but replace any other special lane rules.

Double cards

  • Double cards only exist as doubles in your deck (and when choosing cards to redraw). Whenever they leave the deck (whether from being drawn, discarded, summoned, etc), they split into the two component cards. Once split, the component cards function as individual cards – Soul Tearing a Baliwog will result in just a Baliwog in your hand, not both halves of the double.
  • Drawing a double card only counts as a single card drawn, for effects like Arcanaeum Librarian and Abandoned Imperfect.
  • When you have 9 cards in your hand and draw a double, it will split and leave you with 11 cards in hand.
  • Double cards can't be created by random generation effects (for example, Wabbajack can't transform a creature into a double card or a component of a double card).
  • Buffs to double cards are applied to the double, and when it splits the buff is applied to both components. For example, drawing a double card with Eclipse Baroness will reduce the cost of both component cards by 2, and Ancestor’s Battleaxe will result in both Baliwog and Spawn Mother getting +4/+4.
  • Double cards pre-split have the combined types, attributes, names, costs, power, and health of the two component cards. Any effects which look for cards in deck with specific properties will see the combined properties of the composite cards. Things get weird when dealing with combined card types, and differ based on the type of effect:
    • Buff in deck (Ancestor’s Battleaxe, Caius’ Machinations): these effects hit double cards where either component is the appropriate type.
    • Draw from deck (Sun-In-Shadow, Apex Wolf): these effects hit double cards where either component is the appropriate type.
    • Summon creature from deck (Altar of Despair, Sails-Through-Storms): these effects hit double cards where both components are creatures. For example, an Altar summoning a 6-cost creature can summon a Baliwog and Spawn Mother from your deck, but an Altar summoning a 4-cost creature will not be able to summon a Baliwog Tidecrawlers (because Smoked Baliwog Leg is an action).
    • Other (Mecinar, Siege of Stros M’kai): double cards are skipped over.
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