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It shall be hard to surpass the quality and epicness of Planemeld Main quest Storyline

TheElderScrolls13 - It shall be hard to surpass the quality and epicness of Planemeld Main quest Storyline

Having now complted all 4 Chapters and all one them were a to total blast, each having tons to offer filled with memorable beloved epic characters,plot etc *inserts 100 page book" I started Planemeld again and now after nearly 3 years having much greater understanding of ESO in general of whole main quest still remains unbeatable mainly because it had that unmatched sense of despair,dread and build up –

While i can agree that Deardric war story-line,Dragon and Vampire Crysis have multiple notable qualities and were incredible in so many ways that each deserve separate thread I believe entire plot of Molag trying to pull up Nirn to his realm and way it was executed from moment until one escapes prison to legendary fight in his domain is truly something special and unrivaled yet going strictly speaking about every notable detail and reasons behind it.

Visuals,audio score,main characters,progression in whole,Coldharbour will be very very hard to beat. I hope they have surprises coming with Deadlands,lore/ mystery surrounding ,superb voicing acting and sense of huge accomplishment in end It was just such a crazy drive. Generally it combined all the greatness ,not to mention tons of memorable dialogue ,humor even and characters were fell in love that were returned later on.

While Nocturnal ,Vampire Lords,Mighty Dragons were most impressive They could not match God of Schemes. Though they did came close. Hard to see any flaws I always say when I happily recall my unforgettable conquest indeed.

I am quite confident and self-assured in Mehrunes Dagon as only prince that holds nearly equal level of power, level of threat and motive. Dagon is prince of Destruction,yet upcoming DLC may not be substantial enough. Elder Scrolls as well may not have same goal as it did back the release. We have to understand certain aspects are not possible to repeat again.

Regarding Molag Bal.

Molag played unequivocally the biggest antagonist role and was by FAR the greatest threat Tamriel ever faced it took everything and and guidance of other Meridia to stop him ,etc etc His cruelty,presence and influence wont be matched its foundations which ESO was originally builtHE MUST be returned. His shadow will always linger around.

Regarding unmatched sense of horror and despair:


Plane of Oblivion commonly known as Coldharbour truly represents the true meaning of despair ad tis epitome of brutality and never-ending conflict. Ranging from the design of machines,torture devices,threatening citadels,Monsters and foes,Delves or Dungeons flawlessly followed by creepy yet oddly said absorbing matching soundtrack. The Unholy Bluish color makes it even more unnatural. Whenever you go and turn there is twisted bizarre oppressing looking landscape. All of that adds to immense immersion which is crucial for incredible game-play experience. Clash with his forces always on the brink of disaster but power of light and will prevails ultimately.

The preparation and restoration of Hollow city with dozens of choices,returning characters,multiple approaches to certain quests,your choices determining the fate of few or many adds once to sense of freedom and great satisfaction in particular last two quests of Main chapter.

Caldwell adds to bright side with his humor even in darkest places. You get attached to characters emotionally. Witnessing and knowing all what you did prior main quest and action that follow , you will you have been rewarding. Tis there for a reason.

Every quest and notable point of interest was intriguing ,creative and have a lot of variety within. I am shocked by amount of lines and voice acting is Top-Notch. As it should have been.

As always I can go more but then there will be spoilers and extremely long read,


History teaches us how difficult is to beat certain aspects of Vanilla MMO qualites , i think mainly because it was so important for success thus developers did all they could to make it happen, We must not forget that it was catalyist of many great things that followed.


Main quest will always be special or me it since it was my first long adventure when i started The Elder Scrolls Online and not mean to sound as Prophet or negative, but it truly was quite possibly the peak of what individual can consider Legendary Quest to save the World for Doom.

By Vanya Gray-Mane Daughter of the Sky& Limbstaria Storm Lady of Sunhold.

16 Sun's Dawn

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