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I’ve been replaying skyrim again and had a few guild ideas for TES6

TheElderScrolls2 - I've been replaying skyrim again and had a few guild ideas for TES6

I don't want to make this to long so I'll just be writing about what I think would improve some of the guilds.

First off is the Bards College. I would love it if we could learn songs on a few different instruments and wander around and perform in the capitals for money or even find random caravans and play for them.

I have a quest in mind were you are tasked with playing your wonderful music during peace talks between two rival partys. You would have to find other bards to join your band and put on a great show and maybe if you play well enough they stop fighting or if you play bad enough you might start a war. An maybe a third option can be you play so bad they join forces to go after you.

Now on to the Fighters Guild/Companions. I think for TES6 the Fighters guild shouldn't exsist. Instead there should be a new mercenery type of guild thats doing horrible. They are poorly trained and taking litterly any job. For example some of the jobs could be kids hiring you to protect them from bullies or settling stupid disagreements between neigbours. I think they could just be a big joke, but over time you get the option to take over and build it into one of the bigger guilds in the region. Along with taking it over what if you could choose where a new location for the guild would be and what sort of outfit/armor your guild wears and you get to hire your own members.


Now if your still reading I have one more idea that I haven't heard a lot of people talking about lately when it comes to TES. That idea is co-op gameplay, I think it would work really well if Bethesda makes the guilds and quests more detailed and gives the player('s) different options on how to finish most quests and if they gave us a story with multiple endings. You could play with 1 or maybe 2 or 3 friends and complete random goals and fight each other in a arena or just in the middle of a town. Maybe even make a single player and co-op story that are slightly different from each other.

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Those are the main ideas I wanted to share, but I have a lot more if anyone would like to hear them.

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