The Elder Scrolls

I’ve been writing this recently and I just wanted to share to see what people thought

TheElderScrolls2 - I’ve been writing this recently and I just wanted to share to see what people thought

Journal Entry #1

My name is Ildryth… I do not know of what house or of what name, that has become lost to me. I do know that one day I heard the guards talking about how they had mages wipe my memory of my parents. Even though my family name is lost to me, I often see my mother’s face as I drift to sleep in this imperial cage. You see, when ever it was time for me to sleep, my mother would tell me stories about the great azura. “The prince of dusk and dawn, and the queen of the night sky.” She often told me that she dreamt of seeing the silver cities of moon shadow. A beautiful place where blurred colors dance together in the sky and the air smells of perfume. My mother was sweet, my mother was the opposite of my father, but I shall savor his story for another time. As for now I must rest…at least as much as I can in this cold cage of stone.

Journal Entry #2

Today I just stared at the light coming through my barred window. The light breaking through the stone caressing my face with its warmth. How I wish to be free again, away from this dreary place. I wish to roam the land in search of my father to get revenge, although as I said before it will be hard considering that I do not know our family name. Speaking of my father I did mention that I was going to talk about him. Unlike my mother he was cruel and evil. He used to beat me for the mere reason that I looked like mother rather than favoring him. “You are too much of a pretty boy for me to be proud of you” he’d say sneering at me and kicking me to the ground saying I’d never amount to the man he wanted me to be. Maybe he was right, maybe I will never be the man he wanted me to be but that doesn’t matter because I want nothing to do with him…except for revenge. When my mother was around she would tell me that my looks wouldn’t define who I am, no matter what father would say. She said that I should be the man that I want to be and not be the man that he expects me to be. Father often blamed her for my being weak but soon he will discover just how strong I am…As soon as I find my way out of this cell…

Journal Entry #3


Today I’ve just been thinking about the whole reason I am even here. The one moment in my life that thrusted me off my path to have a good life and into this shit hole of a place. Do I deserve it? I mean sure me and my best friend Dar’ha may have been quite the trouble makers but that is not the true reason I am here. It all started because of my father. You see Mother and Father were not the happiest couple. They had many secrets to which I was not privy to. I can see the moment happening before me every time I close my eyes. It is a cool summer night in our home in the Cyrodiil country side. I hear rustling outside our house and when I go to tell my mother I find her lying in a pool of her own blood, throat cut, in front of the fire place. As I glimpse outside I catch the scaly tale of an argonian slipping into the shadows. I was a mere child at the time. So here I am, the abused motherless child, sitting in a pool of my mothers blood. All I could do was stare at the gash across my mothers throat. Father finally arrives home after days of being away and he says “Get up boy! We are leaving here” He dragged me out and had men torch our house. That was the last I had seen of that old home and of my mother. Father then threw me aside once we got near a village and abandoned me there. Covered in blood and my clothes all torn up from being dragged I went into an alley and curled up to die. Mother, the only person who loved me, was gone….

Journal entry #4

Today I awoke in laughter as I had a dream about the time me and Dar’ha stole a village chicken and everyone started chasing us around like mad men. I swear they were going to kill us over a single chicken. You’d swear we were in Skyrim with how blood frenzied those villagers were when we told them their chicken was delicious. Anyways we returned their chicken so they wouldn’t call the guard and then later that night we let a fox loose into the chicken coop. Ah we ate good that night, after all no one noticed a single missing chicken after that fox attack. I guess they just assumed the chicken was taken by they fox. Speaking of Dar’ha, my best friend, a Khajiit pickpocket living in the streams of the village my father dumped me at. He got me cleaned up and taught me how to survive on the streets. Taught me how to steal, pick locks, find a good fence. Taught me how to keep food in my belly so the rats wouldn’t see how weak I was and decide I was their meal. After that night he helped me clean the blood off of myself, stole me some new clothes, and even made me a bed right next to his camp fire. As shitty as that day was Dar’ha made it so much better…I’d never had a friend before…

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