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I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours farming and can tell you this: the mount system is severely broken/outdated.

TheElderScrolls5 - I've spent probably hundreds of hours farming and can tell you this: the mount system is severely broken/outdated.

The mount system in this game absolutely, 100% needs a severe overhaul and update. First I'll break down my observations about it and how many issues I think it has, and then I'll outline how they can make it better with a future patch. What experience do I have with the mount system you wonder? Well for starters I've probably spent hundreds of hours doing nothing but zone farming, using my mount to travel the area with. I've noticed lots of little things about the mount system that is terrible and now outdated.

  • When you have the Rapid skill equipped, at least on my Xbox One, the input for jumping on your mount is broken. I find myself having to mash the jump button repeatedly for it to work properly, The input seems delayed or bugged. I dunno if this is on other platforms but it's really annoying when you're for example trying to time a jump over a body of water.

  • When you proc your Rapids skill, if you're a male character the noise your character makes is completely broken. Mine regularly makes female character noises. Listen carefully, you'll hear what I mean, especially if you have headphones on.

  • When your speed is maxed and you have Rapids proccing your character on their mount bounces off the environment like crazy. This becomes especially noticeable if you're trying to follow a route at high speed or if the terrain is bumpy. Your mount begins to pinball off obstacles and it just looks "dated" and sloppy.

  • "You cannot mount while in combat" is my single biggest complaint with the mount system. This is a completely unnecessary system in PvE areas. If you wanna get on your mount and flee some enemies then you should be able to. If your objective involves having to get through them or fight them, you'll have to come back anyway. This is so infuriating when you're farming and yes, I do have Shadow Rider unlocked. It's still a pain in the ass in high volume areas like for example Wrothgar where there seems to be wild life spread out every 15 feet that wants to attack you.

  • Speed, Stamina and Storage are gratuitously annoying to re-level when you're on other characters. Another huge complaint and I can see why. The amount of real time days it takes to fully level a mount is ridiculous and furthermore this is on-purposely designed this way to be a predatory cash-grab so you buy training books.

These points here are pretty self-explanatory and you've no doubt experienced every single one of these issues I've brought up if you're constantly riding your mount.

My solution is a complete overhaul where mounts become an actual passive skill-line. Such unlockable skills would be speed increases, stamina, storage and furthermore higher tier skills such as mount swimming, so you don't get knocked off your mount and the ability to mount up while in combat and flee. All of these would make mount riding more enjoyable, engaging and modernized. As for the glorified cash-grab mount training books, don't tell me they'd miss the money if they did away with those, considering some housing costs more than the price of a full, brand new video game.

My point here is that mounts are terrible in this game in their current state, and I personally believe some stuff about them is bugged. I hope revamping the mount system is at least on their radar or list, because it definitely needs serious work and maybe and overhaul.

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