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TLDR; what class/build best embodies a Jedi? It does not have to be META, just decent enough to solo questing content.

Hello everyone, so I am currently designing a plethora of builds to have fun with in my free time now that I've hit CP 160, and one of them is a "Jedi" theme build.

My current thoughts have taken me to a Stamina Sorcerer or Magicka Dragonknight.

I genuinely considered NB and Templar as well, because cloaking is useful for a sneaky Jedi, but the blood/red powers turned me off. The Templar, on the flip side, is less about the "Unseen" Force and more about flashy yellow fire.

Stamina Sorcerer: To begin with, the sorcerer has access to telekenetic abilities like Crystal Shard and Rune Prison. They can give themselves a "Force Armor" trough Bound Armor or Conjured Ward, and of course the obvious attribution to Lightning, which is more of a Sith ability, but some Jedi like Kyle Katarn and purportedly Mace Windu have used it before. Keep in mind a Jedi like Luke or Anakin is more prone to using their lightsaber, which is a metaphor for DW/SnB/2H (I genuinely don't know what I should use in lieu of a Lightsaber). However, Palpatine or Yoda are more likely to use Force Powers, which also captures the Magicka side of the sorcerer. That being said, both were incredible Lightsaber users.

Magicka Dragonknight The runner-up (in my eye) is the Magicka Dragonknight. Even though fire isn't really a Jedi or Sith theme, they have some more similar kinds of abilities to what we see in the Movies. Stonefist is one such move – it's basically Force Push. You push out with your hand and some rocky dust animates, and the enemy target is knocked down.

Igneous Weapons can act as a red lightsaber (some Jedi have used them before, although not in the Movies). Igneous Shield represents a sort of force aura (in my perception).

Weaponry: On this one I am particularly stumped, but I suppose it has more to do with myself than what is most like a Jedi. For starters, most Stamina DPS run DW, and we have seen multiple Jedi DW throughout the Star Wars franchise (when they could). Blade Cloak could be a neat little "Force-Shield" and of course, we have access to Twin Slashes which is perfect for any kind of faux swordplay.


We also have 2-Handed, which has its merits in my book. Reverse Slash is a move we've actually seen in the Star Wars movies, particularly in Attack of the Clones. We see a lot of spin moves of course, which is a common type of video game attack, and of course a force sprint (Critical Charge) could be seen as well. Cleave and Uppercut both really mesh well – but truly any melee weapon animation does.

Sword n' Board is an idea I'm entertaining, not just because of Low Slash and Pierce Armor – but Defensive Posture as well. It seems these three make for a good intro-to-lightsaber Combat. Ultimately, I'd probably switch to DW/2H, or Destro/Resto.

Destruction Staff seems a marvelous idea as well, because of its literal abilities that push, knock down, stun, slow, and have innate force-like properties. In old Star Wars video games, a species actually refers to the Force as Magic. We've seen many staff-users in the whole Star Wars universe, as well, Yoda being the most notable.

Restoration Staff is another decent idea because Jedi actually can heal in the Star Wars video games – but of course we haven't seen true rapid healing in that regard in any movie that I'm aware of. That being said, it does more than just heal – it provides buffs and glows that play into the immersion.

Obviously, it seems we are limited in trying to be like Jedis for good reasons. It wouldn't be TES if we were Jedi/Sith, but I only play this game, and I just want to have fun on my own time with it. Get creative and open minded. Let's figure out a great Jedi build together!

EDIT: Added weapon skills, fixed formatting || EDIT2: Added Resolution

Resolution: Stamina Sorcerer. My Jedi shall follow in the footsteps of Kyle Katarn, and juggle the light and dark sides of the forces like a madman; though ultimately serving the good side. Plus, Lightning form. 🙂 thanks for all the assistance everyone! Go ahead and continue to post your builds below, more than happy to continue the discussion!

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