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Jester’s Event (March 25th – April 1)

TheElderScrolls10 - Jester's Event (March 25th - April 1)

Publicize the pointless and the preposterous with a pretend party sure to perplex the pretentious and the pessimistic but please your puerile peers who profess a passion for playfulness and princely porcine prizes.

Translation: The Jester’s Festival has returned!


The Jester’s Festival in-game event is live from Thursday, March 25 at 10AM EDT until Thursday, April 1 at 10AM EDT. During this jovial jubilee, you can earn special event-specific rewards and enjoy a 100% XP boost while completing some truly absurd Jester’s Festival quests.

Seek out the Jester’s Festival pavilions located outside the cities of Ebonheart (Stonefalls), Vulkhel Guard (Auridon), and Daggerfall (Glenumbra) to get started. If you’re having trouble and need directions, you can pick up the Jester’s Festival starter quest free from the in-game Crown Store. Look for it in the Quest Starters category.

Chat with the noble jester versions of the Skald-King, Queen Ayrenn, or High King Emeric, and complete the intro quest and you’ll receive the Pie of Misrule memento—a delicious treat that will also grant you a two-hour, 100% XP buff! Once you’ve completed the intro quest, each jester will also provide you with a daily quest to help spread the joy of the silly season to all of Tamriel.

Find the Jester’s pavilion to join in on the fun!

This year, as a special treat, we’ve added three brand-new daily quests:

  • A Foe Most Porcine, acquired from any of the three Jester’s Festival tents or Hammerdeath Arena

  • If not already there, this quest will point you toward Hammerdeath Arena

  • The King’s Spoils, acquired within Hammerdeath Arena

  • Prankster’s Carnival, acquired from the Jester’s Festival tent in Stonefalls

You can complete these AND the original three quests each day, each helping to bring frivolous fun to the people of Tamriel!


When you complete a Jester’s Festival daily quest, you’ll receive a Jester’s Festival Reward Box as an additional prize. These wonderful wares can contain goodies such as valuables (to sell to vendors for gold), consumables, recipes, furnishings, Revelry Pies, and fragments of the new Playful Prankster’s Surprise Box memento. But wait, there’s more! The first time you complete a daily quest each day, you’ll receive a Stupendous Reward Box instead of the regular one. This special box can include the same items as detailed above, but it also has a chance to contain these items:

  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages

  • Fragments of two Mementos: the Festive Noise Maker or Jester’s Festival Joke Popper

  • Jokey Stealies to sell to vendors

  • Runeboxes containing the Cherry Blossom Branch or Jester’s Scintillator mementos

  • Fragments of the Sovereign Sow pet

  • NEW Regal Regalia Outfit Style Pages

  • NEW Fragments of the Playful Prankster’s Surprise Box memento

    • These fragments have a higher chance of dropping in Stupendous Reward Boxes than they do in regular ones.

Once you’ve earned your daily Stupendous Reward Box, you can still complete the other daily quests to grab additional regular Reward Boxes, too.

In addition to the daily quests and reward boxes, you can earn special Jester’s Festival Achievements by spreading some cheer the old-fashioned way—with pie! When equipped to your quickbar, the Revelry Pies make for spectacular (and tasty!) projectiles, so be sure to share these delicious treats with your fellow players and NPCs alike as you make your way around Tamriel.

As the people of Tamriel come to fear your sticky wrath, you can earn unique event-specific Achievements:

  • The Three Fillings War—Throw 10 Pies at players that are in a different Alliance

  • The Upper Crust—Throw a pie at each of the Alliance Leaders

  • More Than You Can Chew—Throw 10 Pies at Guards

  • Dessert Domination—Complete the above Achievements

  • Messy Business—Kill 10 players while they are covered in pie in Cyrodiil

Take note that not all share your finely honed sense of humor, and some might object to having a pie thrown in their face—crazy, right?

By completing the above Achievements, you’ll also earn the “Tin Soldier” and “Empieror” titles and the Obnoxious Mute Face Paint head marking. Finally, you can also earn the Crown of Misrule hat and Lord/Lady of Misrule title by completing each of the three original daily quests or the Royal Jester title and some furnishings by completing every Jester’s Festival Achievement.


The first time you complete a Jester’s Festival daily quest each day, you’ll receive three Event Tickets as a bonus reward. The Event Ticket timer resets at 1:00AM EDT each morning. If you earn new Event Tickets over the 12-limit cap, you’ll lose them.

The Impresario will stock the following items during the Jester’s Festival event:

Unstable Morpholith base fragments

  • Including the Deadlands Flint, Rune-Etched Striker, and Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder

For more on morphing collectibles, check out this guide

  • All three Deadlands Scorcher Skin fragments

    • Including the Rune-Scribed Daedra Hide, Rune-Scribed Daedra Sleeve, and the new Rune-Scribed Daedra Veil
    • Regal Regalia Outfit Style pages
  • Sovereign Sow Collectible fragments

  • Group Repair Kits

Note that none of the above items are tradeable if acquired with Event Tickets from the Impresario.

This is your last chance to get the final fragment for the Deadlands Scorcher skin. The next event will have the first fragment for an entirely new reward, so don’t miss out!

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