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Jester’s Festival Event Guide!

TheElderScrolls13 - Jester's Festival Event Guide!

Hey everyone, here is my Jester's Festival Event Guide. Like all my event guides I will give a brief summary via text, and the video will be linked at the bottom. If you are new to this event, I hope this helps you out. If you aren't new to the event I hope this helps give you a refresher 🙂

This event is on all platforms and will go live on Thursday March 25 10 AM EDT until Thursday April 1st 10 AM EDT.

In order to start this quest you can go to the crown store and select the free quest in the quest starter section or you just go to the jester's pavilions that are outside of 3 alliance cities. For AD it will be in Vulkhel Guard in Auridon, for DC it will be in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, and for EP it will be in Ebonheart in Stonefalls zone.

Once you get to the tent you can speak to the the jester versions of the skald-king, queen ayrenn, or high king emeric. Once you've done the intro quest you will get the 100 percent xp boost memento the pie of misrule. You can find this in your mementos section in your collections. When you use it will give you a 2 hour 100 percent xp boost. You can use this as much as you want on any character. So make sure to get your leveling in now.

So once you have completed that you can then do the 3 daily quests from the Jesters. But a cool thing this year is zos has given us 3 bonus quests that are brand new. These are "A foe most porcine" which you get from any of the three jester's festival tents or hammerdeath arena. The second one is "the king's spoils" which you get within hammerdeath arena, and the third one is "Prankster's Carnival" which you get form the Jester's Festival tent in stonefalls.

So let's talk about rewards. When you complete a Jester's Festival Daily quest you will get the Jester's Festival Reward Box. In these you can get recipes, furnishings, revelry pies, consumables, things to sell, and fragments for the new playful prankster's surprise box memento. But the first time you complete a daily Jester's quest each day, you will get a Stupendous Reward Box instead of the normal one.

Some notable rewards:
Cadwell's Kitchen Arms Style Pages


New Regal Regalia Outfit Style Pages

New Fragments of the Playful Prankster's Surprise Box Memento

Other rewards I note in the video.

Regarding Event Tickets:

So when you complete a jester's festival daily quest each day you will get 3 event tickets. That's it per day. So with the event being a week long, if you do it every day you will get 21 event tickets. Now you have a 12 event ticket cap, so if you have 10 tickets out 12 you will lose 1 ticket for the day, don't turn in the quest until you make sure you have at least 3 event tickets open in your currency tab. This also resets per zos on their article at 2:00 am edt, then the next day begins.

So the impresario is where you will use your tickets at. She is located at multiple locations all around tamriel. Solitude, alinor, vulkhel guard, daggerfall, davon's watch. She will be selling the unstable morpholith base pet fragments. These will cost 5 event tickets each. So a total of 15 tickets is needed to get the pet. If most of you have played the other events this year you probably already have that pet.

Next she will have all three of the deadlands scorcher skin fragments this time. These each cost 10 event tickets. You need to have all three of these and the pet to get the deadlands scorcher skin. So if you picked up two of the fragments in the last event then you will only need 10 event tickets to get the last fragment. Otherwise you need 30 event tickets total for all three fragments.

Now the way I understand it, is once you morph your pet into the skin, you lose the pet. So you will need to get another base pet for the next variation. This is the last event to be able to get the skin fragments. The anniversary jubilee event will be next event with upgrade fragments but it won't be the skin.

I hope this helped you out! I'll see you all on ESO

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