The Elder Scrolls

Journal of an argonianimperial soldier: Day one and two

TheElderScrolls13 - Journal of an argonianimperial soldier: Day one and two

Day 1

Morndas, Sun’s dawn, 4E 201

 Not much has happened since Tullius accepted me into the imperial army, mostly just standing around and training. Luckily, he’s actually ordered us to do something. We’ve been ordered to intercept a Stormcloak caravan with stolen supplies and gold. They also have some prisoners on there, one of them being legate Hrolld. Along with this, we are to be rewarded accordingly if we’re able to follow them to do their camp and destroy it. We’ve been trailing the caravan for a couple of hours. It seems a wheel broke on their carriage. There were 15 Stormcloak soldiers and 17 of us. We’ve decided that it would be best to take them down now and interrogate a Stormcloak soldier for the location of the camp. We got up onto a small hill and prepared to strike. I fired a fireball at one. It hit them in the head, killing them. Vielsia pulled an arrow out of her quiver and loaded it on to her bow. She quickly shot it at a soldier and hit him right between his eyes. We ran down to the carriage and began the real fight. Cavossius stabbed one through the heart, but sadly was snuck up on by a Stormcloak soldier. The soldier quickly slit his neck, killing him. When the soldier turned around, I stabbed my axe into his neck, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Niragal was able to use his sword to cut through a stormcloak soldier’s armor. I summoned a flame atronach which I knew would last very long in the battle. But that was my plan. I led the battle away from the carriage and ordered my atronach to stay and fight, and then I ran over to the place where the imprisoned soldiers were. I cut them free and told them to take the armor from the dead stormcloak soldiers. With Legate Hrolld on our team, we were sure to win this. By the time they had looted the bodies, my atronach had died. I yelled at my comrades to get back, which they quickly did. The atronach exploded in the stormcloak’s faces, killing most of them and injuring the rest. Only one was able to get away from the explosion uninjured, but they were quickly grabbed and taken over to us. I looked at the captured soldier and spoke. “So here’s the deal, Rebel. Either you give us the location of the camp you were going to, or you die. If you tell us the location of the camp, you’ll be taken as a prisoner.” I explained. “Oh, shut up lizard. I’d rather die than let my brothers and sisters suffer because of me.” he said angrily. “Then you’ll die an honorable man.” I finished him off with an axe to the neck. He closed his eyes peacefully, knowing that he died a true warrior. After taking the injured prisoners and putting them in the carriage, one spoke. “I’ll tell you where the camp is as long as you let us live.” he said. He marked it on our map, and we explained to him that he was going to live because of it. Hrolld grabbed his stolen armor which was likely to be melted down for steel for the Stormcloaks and put it on. The rest of the soldiers took their armor and followed Hrolld. Hrolld agreed to take them back to solitude while we destroyed the camp. And with that, we began walking to the camp. 

Day 2


Tirdas, Sun’s dawn, 4E 201

 We’ve made it to the camp and are planning our attack. I have a fireball aimed at the legate over in the camp, and am preparing to fire. The camp is nearly surrounded by us, but we haven’t been noticed yet. I fire my fireball at the enemy legate, taking him out. We charge in, ready to fight. With the legate down, we are that much closer to taking out the camp. We needed to be extremely careful taking the place down. We were outnumbered about 23 to 17. I fired another fireball at a soldier, taking him out. Then I charged in and cut another one’s head clean off with my axe. Basrub pulled out his war hammer and used his trump card. He went into beserker mode and took out three of them. A couple of wolves had noticed the fighting and were watching until Niragal used his ability to make them fight for us. A couple of soldiers that I didn’t know by name were sadly taken out by some stormcloaks. Five to be specific, but we returned with equal fire and were eventually able to take them all out. I grabbed the legates bear skin helmet as proof that we took them out. Then I grabbed a torch and began burning the tents. A couple of seven people were injured after the fight, but luckily there was another carriage. We loaded the injured soldiers inside, and the battle mages helped them. We continued to burn the tents until they were all gone. 

Results: Success Injured: 7 Dead: 6

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