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Journal of Daar-Bajan 16th of Last Seed 427

TheElderScrolls2 - Journal of Daar-Bajan 16th of Last Seed 427

A couple of years ago, I started a little project. I wanted to play through Morrowind again, but I realized I had never played through an Elder Scrolls game and made choices as if I was an actual character. I just did what felt cool, or I thought would be neat. So I decided to dive back into Morrowind, with a fresh Argonian, and gave him a bit of a backstory. I did some research into some random bits of less developed lore, and added that into his backstory. I crafted Daar-Bajan, an Argonian scholar.

For my own creative desires, I started keeping a journal for him, written on each day in game. This is the first entry, about why he has come to Morrowind, and the Journal Entry for 16 of Last Seed.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think! More will come!

My name is Daar-Bajan. I am an Argonian scholar, from the city of Thorn in Black Marsh. While scholarly endeavors are not seen as a common interest of my people, the vast majority of men and elves are incorrect. We are not so primitive as you might think. I am traveling to Morrowind, specifically Varrdenfell, to continue my research into an event that occurred nearly six years ago. I have learned of something called the Crimson Scar, an event or organization somehow tied to both the vampiric disease of Porphyric Hemophilia and the Dark Brotherhood. Little else is known at this point, as it is fairly recent history, or so it would seem. I have done a moderate amount of study regarding the undead of other races, and the symptoms of vampirism. I hope to uncover more about the disease in Morrowind, learn more of what has happened to the Dark Brotherhood, and see what remains of this “Crimson Scar.” This curiosity began when I learned that my egg-brother Veem-Batar was taken to be trained as a shadowscale. I have been curious about the ways of the Dark Brotherhood since I learned of this practice, as I was also born under the same sign, but was not selected for any such training. I know not where my brother is, but I know that the Hist will guide him where he is needed. I set sail from the mainland of Morrowind to Varrdenfell tomorrow.

16 Last Seed


Arrested! By Sithis' name what for? The Imperials claimed I was some sort of escaped slave and had me shipped to Seyda Neen. I was going to head to Vivec first, so this is not too much of an issue.

They've freed me, by decree of the Emperor apparently. I find it hard to believe, but there's some sort of errand they need me to run. Frankly, I don't feel much like running errands for these dryskin fools, I am no such slave.

I grabbed a loaf of bread from their banquet table on the way out and had a quick snack. Found a magic ring outside, which ended up belonging to a Bosmer. It seemed important to him, so I returned it. He referred me to Arille's tradeshop, which was kind of him. The tradesman gave me some good deals, and I purchased a spear with the small stipend given me by the Imperial fools. While searching out for what to do next, I stumbled into a small cavern near the Silt Strider. I'll speak of these beasts later. Inside I was attacked by a bandit of some sort, and nearly lost my life. With little money, I spent the rest of the next few hours hunting mudcrabs to practice with this new spear and hope to farm enough meat to make a few septims.

The silt striders! These poor creatures, they are massive and seemingly quite docile. The imperial officer told me I should ride one to Balmora, but I think I will do otherwise. They hollow out their shells for passengers and then manipulate their organs and tissues to cause them to move. Such barbarism. These warm-bloods have no respect for these magnificent creatures.

While hunting mudcrabs, I heard a scream! A man fell from the sky and died. I've come to learn, through reading his notes, that he was testing an experimental scroll. He should have prepared more for this eventuality, something a true scholar would have done, and prevented his untimely demise. Nevertheless, his magical sword proved to be a powerful bargaining tool in getting the tradeshop owner to teach me a simple healing spell. With my wounds healed up,I am ready to make the journey east toward Vivec.

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