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Just a simple Oblivion appreciation post

TheElderScrolls5 - Just a simple Oblivion appreciation post

Many years ago, when I was but a child, I saw my older brother playing this strange knight game on our PC, exploring a red, hellish realm. At first, I paid it no attention. Until it grew on me and I wanted to try it. I opened the game, created a character, an Argonian uncreatively named "ken"(sic) and started playing. And I loved it. Since I was still a kid, my imagimation skyrocketed as I simply just FT'd to a random city gate and started walking along a road, exploring. When I got pointers on the main questline though, that is where it got truly good. I loved raiding the planes of Mehrunes Dagon, saving Cyrodiil from this nightmarish threat, one gate at a time. One of my favourite moments was the Great Gate, as I could feel the moment. I could feel the anxiety as the colossal siege engine barelled indomitably towards the gate, the fear for what will become of Bruma and Martin if I fail, the panic when I got slightly lost on one of the towers. I remember making it with less than a few minutes left… I was sweating. It was one of my favourite moments in any video game, ever. But the fun didn't stop after the main quest. Oh no. I explored far and wide, literally just going out into the far world, clearing dungeons I came across and searched every nook and cranny. I did sidequests, a lot of them, and boy were some pretty creative and fun, especially some of the Daedric ones. One whole year, one whole year of my childhood, including several months where I was stricken with illness. And I LOVED it and they are still one of my fondest memories to date. Also, the fact that I had English dub with our language's subtitles apparently greatly contributed to my skill with English today. Oblivion was, along with Spyro 2 for the PS1, my first game that I played. And they will always have a special place in my heart. Skyrim is fun and all, especially with mods, but I will always consider Oblivion the greatest The Elder Scrolls game ever made. I wish much luck and success to the Skyblivion team, who aim to bring this eternal classic to a more modern spotlight. That is all. Goodbye. Blessings of Julianos upon you.


PS: I did try Morrowind, the apparent fan favourite here, but I am sorry to say that I never truly enjoyed it, mostly because of poor combat, travelling being a drag and other mechanics and features far too obsolete for me… If it does get a remake (and I heard it will, a fan remake in the same vein of Skyblivion), and its mechanics will get elevated to be more on par with the more modern titles, I might give it another try and maybe discover that the blasted lands of Vvardenfell were more fun than I thought.

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