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Just completed vet maelstrom and thought I’d post about what I did wrong after way too many wipes [PS4]

TheElderScrolls6 - Just completed vet maelstrom and thought I'd post about what I did wrong after way too many wipes [PS4]

So this is magsorc specific so much of what I'm saying may not apply to other builds.

I kept putting out underprepared toons not suitable for the arena. I was using the wrong armor, cp, and approach. Using a trial setup Is going to increase the difficulty and not just a little bit. You really need more resources, and have to provide your own buffs. The alcasthq build uses plague doctor staff and jewelry for HP boost with necropotance for magica pool. The magica and health boost this gave me was what I needed to complete. I used crafty alfiq as it is cheaper in the guild stores. I lost about 2k magica. I also used the slime caw mask for magica/spell instead of the iceheart.

To make up the lost shield I did a 2 bar setup with identical spells but different ultimates. I used the psijic skill temporal guard as it gives you an 8% damage reduction and flip bars to drop ulti then back for extra shield. The psyjic passives are a must for extra shields and orb damage.

If you start taking backwards steps take a damn break. That means you, take a break and get a shower and eat.

If you get stuck on a level before a boss consider fixing your build. Yes it is super mechanics based but if you can't power through 99% of prelevels something ain't right.

Don't rush the giant ice level. If you over dps you will trigger too many adds and die. Focus on adds and troll, boss will be drained by aoe by time you get to last ice platform.

In the spiral of shadows boss (spider level) again focus not on killing boss, you'll enrage her. Focus on adds and getting all the pillars. When you finally stun her with pillars it is an easy burn. Keep in mind she doesn't start out with a high hp.


Final boss- the toughest part I had was distancing, you gotta kite the boss closely which went against my natural tendency. You need this for the stun effect to prevent boss from throwing a spell that gets stronger until dead or interrupted. All the while youve got mages and fire breathing daedroth you have to burn. This is by far the most mech based boss. Second level isn't that tough with crystals just try to keep your emotions down. You're gonna wipe just because you are excited to make it up there. Don't be afraid to jump down if you know your gonna get killed; just heal to account for fall damage. Use the shield and axe for the final grind but be ready to finish without. I saved the health boost for final stage as well which I used when shield and power axe ran out. Again take a break if u need it.

I liked using the purple TriStat potions especially on step 2 with crystals. You get a constant energy drain and have to roll dodge.

Read alcasthq build info not just watching the mechanics video

Fix your championship points for event, it makes a difference

This is my personal experience, I'm not expert level like others. If I missed something or theres an easier approach please.let me know. I just wanted to get down some of the things I did or more importantly didn't do which got in my way.

And remember, to pay attention you daedra, it's never the same twice.

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