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“Just don’t buy them then!” Isn’t an excuse anymore. UK lords of parliament have now deemed crown crates as GAMBLING.

TheElderScrolls3 - "Just don't buy them then!" Isn't an excuse anymore. UK lords of parliament have now deemed crown crates as GAMBLING.

This is a follow-up to an earlier thread of mine:

In it, I describe how crown crates (loot boxes) are predatory, shady and greedy. The amount of "crown gems" you also need for an Apex mount for example could very well amount to real money in the hundreds just to get 400 gems and score yourself one. Or of course, you might get lucky with your crown crate slot machine and "win" one anyw-GAMBLING.

So in my previous thread, it's inundated with people making excuses for the shady practice and basically summarizing their opinion with "JUST DON'T BUY THEM." Well, as I tried to explain numerous times and other people pointed out, that's not the point.

Now parliamentary lords in the UK government have declared loot boxes in gaming ARE gambling, (such as the greedy and incredibly shady crown crates in this game) and games could immediately be subject to strict regulation, and re-classification.


I'm sure there'll still be some people here who will be quick to make MORE excuses and arguments against my stance on this and even try to downplay the issue. As I've pointed out: We're now in an era where an entire generation of gamers have grown up with loot boxes and other crap being the norm' so they're just used to it. The fact is the game industry has just gotten away with being un-regulated about it for this long, that doesn't suddenly mean it's okay, or that it ever was. There just wasn't enough attention being drawn to the issue while you grew up, thinking it was fine.

"Crown Crates" in ESO represent the very WORST of "loot box gambling" in my opinion, because they're firstly designed to stiff you out of your money with a glorified slot machine RNG system, but on top of that they've even implemented a phoney bullshit in-game premium currency from it and elevated the price tags for things using it to a ridiculously shady, predatory and greedier degree than other games.

Worse though are the people content to make excuses for it, or dismiss the whole thing with "just don't buy them" leaving people with gambling problems or whales to perpetuate the whole shady system.

My point here is that you've been wrong to have that attitude and now it looks like the UK government also agrees.

"Just don't buy them" was never enough of an excuse, so maybe it's time you changed your attitude about it.

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