The Elder Scrolls

Just got into the game the past few days and WOW!

TheElderScrolls3 - Just got into the game the past few days and WOW!

Seriously, I gave this game a go when it first released and really misjudged it. The two lane and rune systems really caught me off guard. I have played Hearthstone since beta and figured Bethesda was just trying to copy the formula with a few tweaks. I was wrong. So wrong. This game is brilliant.

What made me make this post was I finally spent a few bucks on the premade decks and built a House Telvanni betray deck. Morrowind is my favorite game and they are my favorite house. It fit well. I have no had this much fun with a card game since Birthing Pod in MTG modern. Betray and Last Gasp are two mechanics that just sing to me. There are so many combos and fun deckbuilding cards in Legends. My current deck is – SPAFrCpPeBlRiyAIoehbjyitiSnMpbabASdKeSqfnAgygsbUfLjHnXeRqgqNnooMhCoPef


I can choose which cards to pull from my deck! There is a graveyard! I can pick specific cards from the graveyard! I can use recursion and summon effects for amazing combos! Soul tear is currently my favorite card for this reason. No random targeting, no random deck pulling, no random random in my digital card game. Random is only there for specific reasons for that specific card.

I can't express myself properly right now I am on such a "found a great new game to play" high. I just wanted to let you all know I am here to stick around and really get deep in with this game. You are all amazing and I can't wait to load the game back up after posting this. Cheers!

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