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Just Hit Level 45 and Got an Eye Opening Experience in Dungeons

TheElderScrolls7 - Just Hit Level 45 and Got an Eye Opening Experience in Dungeons

I started playing ESO a few months ago. I just soloed doing queues and on the rare occasion grouped with a friend on those quests. My friends whom I played with a few times decided to spend their time elsewhere. About like a month and a half ago, I decided to try out the random dungeons with some encouragement from a few members here. Thank you as it opened up a new interesting part of the game I haven't experienced before. I played DD's for the first couple of months as it was the most straight forward role which my main is. I did make some tanks and healers to see what they are like about a month ago.

It's taken a long time for me to level up to 45 on my main because I have been spending a lot of time playing and trying out other classes and builds and recently other roles. I have 10 characters and most of them are around levels 15-20.

Anyway, after playing random dungeons with my main (and other characters), I just got queued to a dungeon that is significantly harder than the low level ones I've been doing up to this point. Boy, was it a real eye opener.

The easy dungeons I've been playing up to this point were quite easy. You didn't really have to worry too much about taking damage. No one got one shotted. I red areas just added colouring to the background for the most part. I did die a few times early due to inexperience and extreme carelessness. I only had one party wipe only because both DD's left right at the beginning. We still finished that one. Also, they were fairly quick.

I forgot what dungeon I played. I died once before reaching the first boss as I wasn't used to how much more difficult it was compared to earlier easy dungeons. I was more careful then. We reached the first boss and had a really tough fight. I think we all were rookies as no one seemed to have a really good understanding of what to do. We wiped a few times, but we finally beat the boss. I was like so excited. Then I realised the dungeon isn't over yet. That was just the first boss. I had already spent more time up to that point than in any other dungeons I've played before.


We moved on. Each boss was just as tough if not even tougher than that first one. I think we wiped against every boss. Everyone seemed pretty determined. No one lost hope. I though someone might have given up at some point, but the group stuck to it. We kept going even when our tank disconnected for a few minutes. Good thing he came back before we reached the next boss.

In any case, after every wipe, we all took a few minutes to collect ourselves. We had a few words about the situation on the chat in between wipes. We got better after every wipe against every boss. It was cool seeing everyone learn from our failures and improve on every try. We even figured out a few interesting mechanics for each boss. We eventually completed the dungeon. Not sure how long it was. Maybe an hour, I'm guessing.

After that, I had to take a break. I was just spent. Had a lot of fun. I felt I learned a lot in that dungeon. I played a DD character in that dungeon. I have some tanks and healers. I think that experience is going to make me think differently when I play my tanks and healers. They are only around level 20, so I will have an easier time for a while at least. It's going to give me something to think about and work on as I level up to my 40's.

I'm in a few guilds. I think I am going to seek out some advice, particularly for tanking and healing. One of my guilds mention that members need to attend some boot camp to learn the various dungeons. I'm seeing the value in that now.

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