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So I was first a fallout fan, then skyrim, which then led me to TESL. I started playing when HOS came out so transitioning from skyrim was great because I got to play with familiar things like Barbas and the Wabbajack.

Then HOM came out and the influx of cards was awesome, but having never played Morrowind, I was not as familiar or attached lore and at best could only learn more through wiki's on the background of certain characters or cards but walkthrough descriptions only give you so much.

So on a whim I decided to get the game to not only see what the nostalgia is about, as well as to have some background into what inspired the cards in TESL.

First off: the gameplay has not aged well, and is considerably arduous compared to skyrim. The graphics are what you expect for an early 2000's game but having been around since Nintendo came out old graphics don't bother me. If you can manage to play with mods that make the QOL improvements I would strongly recommend it.

That being said: the story is richly detailed. There is almost no voice acting so almost all information is Read. The upside is that dialogue interactions with each character is far more detailed and in depth (although many characters shared 'canned lines') than the ES we are now familar with.


But with it comes an immense amount of lore that feels like it fits right in with the rest of thr series. You read about skyrim and the wolf queen; you have solstheim in the distance and it has the same geography as on the dragonborn add-on.

But most importantly, it give you an idea as to where so much Of the Morrowind set came from. You meet Caius Cosades, befriend Ahnassi, start in Seyda Neen, visit Balmora, run into the falling wizard, and learn the nuances of the political ties between the houses. It's neat to see what from this old game inspired the cards which seem to have grown with personality and depth now I understand their origins.

I don't think this game would be very enjoyable to play with our modern taste without being first driven to play because of TESL. It almost feels like it's more a companion app game to TESL that gives you a bit of background and lore veins some of the card interactions and voicelines.

In short: Morrowind is a dated old game but is worth exploring for the hidden gems of lore that would be appreciated most by those that play TESL.

I look forward to eventually getting oblivion and seeing how TESL includes the oblivion crisis into the game.

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