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Koveras Diary – I don’t quit.

TheElderScrolls6 - Koveras Diary - I don't quit.

1) Lets start with hot topic, Justin Larson leaves the game, Karakondzhul and many other competitive players stops playing ladder, Dukemo writes his goodbye post to community.

This is not new that ladder is weird area dominated by unoptimized decks. For me, one the most competitive players in this game its never fun if someone plays bad (unoptimized) deck and gets rewarded by unexpected topdeck. When CVH announced new reward system to make it more competitive, it is time to change matchmaking system. In Legends you can be matched with everyone, even top 100 can be matched with rank 3-1 non legend. I don't want to grind top 100 against new players or meme lords. Something I would love to see implemented is visible mmr system.

Lets say top 1 has 3000 mmr, and top 1000 has 2000 mmr, In this case I want to be matched against players with ± 500 mmr difference. If someone at rank 1,2,3 has high mmr thats fine, match me with him, but people with lower mmr in legend rank or ranks below should be separated from the top players.Don't take it as an offensive elitist post, because it's not. Everyone can play the game with decks he/she consider fun and entertaining, but some of us like to play ladder more seriously.

2) What do I want from legends.

a) Tournament mode is something that has been announced 8 MONTHS AGO. I understand that Sparky had rough time at the beginning, but its about time to implement that. Artifact has working tournament mode so if you guys don't know how it should work just look how valve did it. However Legends tournament mode has to be better, we need ring balance in competitive play. Its already a meme that better player gets ring and it damage competitive scene every time. Besides timer option there has to be a ring option, ring owner change after every game. I don't hate the idea of choosing who gets the ring first to determine when player should pick deck that benefit from the ring more.

b) Gauntlets seems to be forgotten after dev change. It was definition of fun, my favourite was grand meele because it was competitive mode with great rewards and live ranking system. Most of the time though gauntlets has been less serious and it was totally fine. I would like to see them back, because its something that was not only nice to play, but also nice to watch.


c) Twitch extension is a must for twitch entertainment. Game is getting more complicated over time, which requires tools that can help newcomers understand the basics. Drops should be synergized with extension, e3 comes to my mind, when viewers needed to be active in order to get special drops.

d) Animations are killing us. There are animations that takes ages to finish. I don't understand why Sparky keeps doing this failure after new expansion, for example doomfang ally is always procking all the colors, why would you force us to look at those misses every time we play him? Of course animation time is the worst in cycle decks, thankfully I don't play them.

3) Balance problems appeared quite fast after IoM. There some card combos I don't like.

– skinned hound + siege catapult

– archein venomtongue + sword of the inferno

– squish the wimpy combined with NTL or falkreath defiler

– manic jack highrolls with manic mutations

I heard about possible nerfs in the future, therefore I will not complain about balance yet.

4) Personal part of the post.

Recently Im having great time building local Polish community. In my opinion Legends lacks strong local communities. I like sharing my knowledge with new players and this is something I enjoy more than playing ladder. If someone is interested in personal coaching or any kind of conversation, I'm pleased to announce that I'm partnered with coaching site
experty - Koveras Diary - I don't quit. My rate is the lowest among Legends coaches that I found on gamersensei, also I will be giving away on my stream 2$ codes that can be used on experty. You can use it on short call with me, or any expert to try it out for free. I'm also making twitter, so feel free to drop a follow on my profile. I will be uploading my recent tournament lineups here, and share other news related to the game.

Thank you for reading, and stop making dramas.

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