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Later game magDen questions [PvP]

TheElderScrolls10 - Later game magDen questions [PvP]

I have the full 15 characters and constantly switch around and try new nooby builds, however my Ice MagDen just has taken the cake and is the toon I seem to enjoy (and play best) on the most, but as I've progressed in levels a bit, and I think more importantly my opponents progress I've noticed I turned into a bit more of a support character (which I still enjoy) and had some questions on it.

Currently I'm full light armor, Ice/Resto staff staying primarily on Ice bar just using resto for buffs and mutagen. Early on I decimated BGs with the aoe DoTs and control, however lately I seem to be losing a bit of my burst. While I still seem to be vital to my team winning it appears that my toon is transitioning a bit more towards support, and I find myself on the resto bar spamming my burst heal and mutagen a bit more often.

I typically enjoy healing/support playstyles, and also enjoy being a bit tanky, and was wondering how much of a difference the following two builds would be as I kinda want to try out a more tanky/pvp Healer style but not sure if I should create a new (another) warden for it or not.

Current: Light Armor (no sheilds, havent needed em), Ice/Resto

Stack ice blockade+warden ice aoe magicka morph+warden swarm dot+destro staff dot, while all are ticking cast shaulks, wind up a heavy while shaulks timer goes and hit heavy + force shock interupt morph at same time as shaulks.

Gear sets are Seducer+Fortified Brass, protective rings, arcane neck, focused more on out sustaining and pressuring with dots than strict damage.

Lately I've been leaving out the burst section of my rotation until lower hp as it has not been doing near as much dmg as early on, and I just lay down aoe ice dots and end up healing and buffing my team while getting in some damage as I can. This is also pretty fun to me and seems similar playstyle.

(sorry, I realize this is the current cancer build, but I didnt meta build it, and actually enjoy it and will probably play after nerfs).

Potential/New build: Heavy Armor (not sure on shields), Ice/Resto

Still stack ice blockade, but may morph the warden aoe to the tank/immobilize on cast version, not sure yet, but instead of focusing as much on the other DoTs and burst (still would have them if it fit, though would likely need to drop some), add in some more healing skills from both warden and resto.


Gear would likely be pushed a lot more towards sustain, possibly Shacklebreaker/Seducer + Willows or something as I am pretty bad about heavy attacking for sustain lol, and stacking regen. (breton, so new passive will help offset my old reduce cost)

On paper/theory playstyle: still drop my ice aoes for control and a bit of damage, a new addition would be the warden aoe heal that gives major defile to enemies, then focus on team support with warden and resto skills. Try to make myself the target, but survive due to heals and tankiness. Damage when I can but dont worry too much about it beyond my dots and heavies for sustain.

For those familiar with frostDens, do you think this would be an easy transition for me, or do you think I should keep the characters separate and play both styles (I try to have lots of variety in toons but cant help from stacking wardens haha)? As I havent really played the new tank/heal style yet but kinda fill that roll in most BGs do yall have any suggestions or things I'm missing regarding it?

More specific questions:

  1. Regarding the new potential build, what are ya'lls thoughts on which morph for the warden ice shards? root or dps morph?
  2. I havent played a heavy armor toon yet, how much sustain loss will i feel from full LA to mostly HA, even though I'd focus on sustain sets.

2a) Would my "new" build be possible in sticking with light armor? I feel pretty freaking tanky already with how i run it, and thats without shields.

2b) I like to lean towards crafted sets, but do ya'll have other sustain sets to focus on?

3) Are there any youtubers or streamers you would recommend watching that play a support/healer based ice/cc magden in PvP? (I saw a fengrush video where he mentioned one and was just like, yeah I'm not going to waste my time targeting him, I'll just go kill other folks, but cant remember who or find the video lol).

4) Again, natural passive sustain is a huge thing that makes chars fun to me in ESO, I currently make nearly all my magickas as Breton due to this, however for the tanky playstyle I thought Nord might be nice with the new racial changes, especially for that Permafrost spam and extra resists. Can I get enough sustain as a Nord in mostly heavy?

5) Does anyone have a link to a build very similar to this? I've seen some mostly healing tree builds, and plenty of ice dps/cc builds but not quite match the hybrid I'm envisioning, at least not that I noticed.

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