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Let’s Talk PVP Sets for Healers

TheElderScrolls4 - Let's Talk PVP Sets for Healers

Hey guys I'm still fairly new to ESO just hit CP 200 but I'm a pretty experienced healer main from other MMO's. I'm starting to hoard gear sets for every occasion on my warden healer and I had a few questions about some sets. I mostly PVP but I do enjoy PVE as well. I have a pretty good idea of which sets I want to go for regarding PVE but have quite a few questions for PVP. I am only playing battlegrounds at the moment but once I'm pretty comfortable with everything and have my set up for builds I'm eager to jump into cyrodil as well. I don't have Earthgore since I'm not CP 300 yet, but that seems like a no brainer to fish for with my keys once I can loot the helm. I'm running 2 sets right now, Transmutation and Wizard's Riposte. I'm still fairly underleveled and I enjoy having defensive options so I'm considering a tanky/defensive monster set to go along with these two sets as well at least until I can snag both earthgore pieces.

Pirate Skeleton:

It's no secret healers get focused hard or swapped to when spotted in PVP. It seems like a get out of jail free card if you're in trouble and it procs. My only question is can you remove the major defile debuff with a betty netch or even a mutagen proc? Either way I'm probably going to live if I have mana and aren't CC'd if it procs but it would be nice to be able to remove the debuff on command to go back to healing my teammates at full strength.

Scourge Harvester: I just got the shoulders and when I read the description I got pretty excited and am about to go get the helm. Seems like a solid option in pvp all around. I haven't gotten it yet but I will be doing lots of testing with it soon. On paper it seems like a great way to force melees to give you some space or deal with a huge wave of healing. Seems easily counterable by roll dodging but at least it would buy you a second or two. I've read it is fantastic in 1v1 duel situations.


Shadowrend: Seems okay. But I have concerns how reliable Pet AI will be. I've read that it can knock players out of stealth so that's neat. Does it stand near you and assist you with your target, or kinda go off and do its own thing? Will it apply the debuff to many targets or does it just pick one to apply it to and typically stick on him? Is it just more reliable to run something like Wizard's Riposte for more consistent debuffs on more targets? It does have quite a higher proc chance than Wizards..

Infernal Guardian: Okay I have my doubts since this can be easily dodged but with a huge proc chance, short cooldown & pretty decent burst damage it seems easily taken advantage of if a healer has at least one shield ability on their bar and they can stay alive for a while to use that spell often. Definitely more aggressive than my tastes but seems like it could be great in deathmatches.

Lord Warden: Seems fantastic overall. I like being able to have nearly 100% uptime on my transmutation set. I run the ice spell on my warden that gives spell and physical resistance. With transmutation I can apply crit resistance as well to the entire group. I like that a lot. This seems like another massive buff that will be on me and my teammates quite often which will give me more time to react to influxes of damage and make everyone near me noticeably stronger. I would assume many tanks often run this set though and they probably don't stack? Either way seems solid for pvp unless I'm missing something?

Healing / Mending Mage:

Is this set as beast as it sounds? I've read that all damage is weapon based so debuffing mobs and bosses right before powerful attacks could be really useful. It would obviously be great in PVP too because you won't have to worry about proc chance. You can apply it to anyone and everyone directly on you. Might not be on as many targets throughout the match as Wizards Riposte debuff but the on demand proc seems very useful in general. I like the flexibility of using it in both pve and pvp as well.

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