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Level 50 – what to do next?

TheElderScrolls7 - Level 50 - what to do next?

Hey guys, I predict that tomorrow I will achieve level 50. I have few questions according to my incoming adventure. Thanks in advance for your time and will to help.

First of all, please be aware that I reached 50 almost only by completing Dungeons and Battlegrounds, supported by Exp Scrolls. I don’t know why, but my inner voice always tells me to level up ASAP in every MMO I play, that’s why I don’t really care and usually skip questing and exploring the world. However, now I am going to participate more in that matter.

Below I listed the main issues that I’m interested in. I know that the internet is full of information, but ESO provides so many possibilities that I find it difficult to gain comprehensive and up-to-date guides containing answers to my precise questions. Unfortunately also the guilds I have got invited to are neither social nor helpful.

I respect your time and of course I do not expect answers as long as my post. I will be very grateful even for just providing me a link to guide/guides that you – more experienced players – consider as valuable, complex and valid. I am not retarded, I simply need a clue to follow.


1) CP. I guess that after achieving max level the experience gained from quests, Dungeons and BGs lets you earn Champion Points which you use to develop skills not earned before. True or false? Can I use further CPs for anything else?

2) Build. I play Breton Templar focused on healing, as keeping the team alive gives me the much fun in online games. ATM I am running this build and I find it very effective. I haven’t got wiped even once during all the Dungeons I completed, it also provides quite good healing in Battlegrounds. I expect gameplay to change at least a bit in end game, that is why I would like to ask you if this build will be useful also in the future. If not, I would appreciate if you counsel me something else. Despite fact that I love healing, I would also like to try a DPS role. You will have my thanks for sending some Magicka Templar DPS guides/builds as well.

3) Gear. Currently I collect pieces of armor from Dungeons. According to my intuition, this stuff probably is a piece of crap if compared with gear used in end game content. Could you help me with any clue where can I find better gear? Shall I get it from Vet Dungeons, buy it from other players?

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4) Crafting. That’s my biggest problem I guess, because I skipped not only questing but also everything connected with crafting. In general I know how crafting works, but is it now possible for me to catch up? Should I focus on several crafting lines, or try to develop all of them in the same time? I think there’s no point in leveling for example blacksmithing due to fact that I wear only 1 heavy armor piece, am I right? Next trouble refers to materials. Right now I am dropping items I cannot use due to lack of skill. Where can I find the ones with less skill requirement? Normally I would just buy it, but in ESO trading is really weird for me… I will appreciate any link to a nice guide for crafting. I think it will tell me how to use the materials effectively and get the most experience without spending ridiculous amount of gold and materials.

5) Trading. When it comes to trading, I have a trivial question – is it let’s say 100k a lot of money or not? I completely don’t know the prices that are in force on the market. I haven’t bought anything yet. I heard that trading is connected with guilds, but does it mean that you can’t buy items from players that are not your guild mates? Is it generally worth to buy gear, or should I rather drop/craft it?

6) PvP. Do I need separate gear and build for PvP? If so, then what do you advise, what should I use as a healer and what as a serious-dps-Magicka-killer? Before gaining basic stuff should I even try PvP-ing with fellas above 50 level or is it a complete nonsense because of the equipment difference? Probably I will get wiped instantly, correct?

7) Exploring and questing. I know that the game scales everything in PvE giving me the opportunity to go wherever I want and do whatever I want. Nevertheless do you recommend starting with a specific area or quest line? I am thinking of focusing on one of these quest lines: story designed for Daggerfall Covenant, Morrowind quests, Undaunted quests. Later I think I will head for Summerset because I’m going to upgrade soon since there is a tempting sale in PS Store right now.

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8) What do people mainly do in end game? Are they focused on gaining CPs, gear, titles or anything else? What is the main target of the experienced players? Should I expect grinding (which is the activity I actually like)?


Once again I thank everyone who got through my questions. Please don’t be mad, I seek for answers that will probably let me save a lot of time and will let me focus on precise and simple goals. I like to have everything planned, I must focus on specified activities to enjoy the game. Chaos and lack of knowledge is what I hate the most. I want to avoid feeling hate and pointlessness of my game. I treat ESO as a way to chill and relax from negative emotions I experience daily in FIFA.

PS: If anyone’s got a guild recruiting people for end game content please let me know. PS4 is my platform. I heard that healers usually are the best friends of all the players.

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