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Light Attack Damage and how to maximise it.

TheElderScrolls10 - Light Attack Damage and how to maximise it.

I have been asked many questions about Light Attacks and how to get the best damage out of them for weaving purposes and also if a "Light Attack Build" is in fact possible. The simple answer to this is Weapon Damage and sets that boost Light Attack Damage. Also the class you play is important when considering Light Attacks. As for a "Light Attack" build. First of all it will not be optimal for PVE content however in PVP it can make for an interesting build provided you are happy to both play bow and play at a distance. I will outline such a build below and then address what the different classes can benefit from the set up.

First of all you will need the Molag Kena monster set for the added weapon damage it will give you on all abilities including Light Attacks. For Armor sets if you are boosting pure Light Attack Damage then the most consistent sets are the Undaunted Infiltrator and Unweaver. There are other sets that modify Light Attacks, however these rely on procs such as Poisonous Serpent and Storm Master or specific situations such as Shield Breaker. For this post I am going to focus on pure Light Attack damage. There is also the Noble Duelist set that will boost your lights attacks more than the Undaunted sets but it requires you to dodge an attack and as such do not suit a ranged bow build.

Once you have these sets you will need to have all of your armor golden with max stamina glyphs and craft them in Impen since such a build is only really good in Cyrodiil or BG if you can keep your distance. All Divines with Warrior Mundus will equate to a little over 100 damage on Light Attacks so it is not worth it over the Crit Resistance that Impen will provide. Have all of your Jewellery Infused with Physical Harm Glyphs and you want your bow Nirnhoned. Make sure that your Unweaver set is your Weapon and Jewellery as you want to be in Medium Armor.

Now for Classes.

Sorcerer: Without a doubt Stam sorts will benefit the most from such a build due to Bound Armaments giving 11% more damage to Light Attacks. If you fill you main bar with Fighter's Guild abilities and have Flawless Dawnbreaker as your ultimate. You can achieve a very respectable 9500 damage on a NON-Crit light attack provided you have activated your armor requirements and Crit Surge on backbar. Personally I ditched Silver Shards for Poison Injection as the Damage over time gives more DPS overall and provides consistent damage. The main issue with Stam Sorc is that you do not have a reliable means of applying Major Breach and I the big Achilles heel of this class. However, in coordinated group play Stam Sorc is the best for this build. Max out Physical Weapon Expert, Master-At-Arms and then put 70 into Mighty in your CP tree. Your actual Crit chance will be pretty low at around 38% so Precise is not worth it.


Nightblade: The second best class for this build goes to the Nightblade for the simple reason that they have access to Major Breach and Minor Berserk, plus a nasty burst from their Spectral Bow from Relentless Focus. Your actual Light Attack Damage will take a hit, but with Major Breach you will end up dealing more damage than a Sorcerer unless they are damaging an enemy player that has the debut on them. Plus your Crit chance will be higher at around 44%. To be honest Nightblade and Sorc come pretty close but Sorc edges out due to passives actually playing to the build strength a little better. Nightblade might be better if you are soloing though and they do offer more burst. Light Attacks will be around 7500.

Warden: Wardens are a funny one. The Light Attack damage will be about the same as a Nightblade but like Sorcs the can't apply Major Fracture at long ranges. However, with Fletcher Infection doing respectable damage at about 1000 damage per second and 1500 damage with the second cast they make up for it. Plus you can swap Flawless for the bear if you want to apply pressure. Like Nightblades they also have access to Minor Berserk but they don't have to cast it as it is applied simply by having Bird of Prey slotted. With the added survivability options and good heals, Wardens are not a bad choice.

Templars: Templars are ok and have added weapon damage but that's about it. They have a bit of CC,Da but ultimately this build does not suit them at all. The advantage they have is better burst heals as Infiltrator will increase these slightly. To be honest if you want survivability this build is not for you anyway and Warden's have more on this build.

Dragon Knight: The only passives that give them an advantage is the Minor Brutality from Earthen Heart. However, they do have a harder hitting Heavy Attack due to Molten Armaments and they also have Reflective Scales that will make it difficult for other ranged opponents from countering your assault. They also have some decent survival options. But for simple Light Attack damage which this post is focused on, they have the lowest of all the classes.

I hope this was informative and offers some insight into Light Attacks and how you can actually make them quite hard hitting. Also, there are other things to consider such as Empower and obviously Werewolves. This was just a small tidbit go info on how far you can take Light Attack damage if you build for it.

9500 Damage on a Light Attack? Yes please.

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