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List of bugs related to daily quests

TheElderScrolls8 - List of bugs related to daily quests

Hello everyone. As I lately came accross few bugs related to daily quests and see also another users' new posts regarding daily quests issues, I think it may be a good idea to make a list of these bugs so Sparkies (u/SparkyDeckard I am summoning you) could get rid of them (if they do not know about them yet or have not them fixed already for upcoming patch).

So I will start with bugs I experienced:

  • Hist Speaker (Betty Netch too?) does NOT count to "Boost max magicka X times" daily quest (it seems like only cards/action that boost max magicka permanently counts towards this quest; in the old client temporary max magicka boosts counted as well)

  • using Grapplink Hook for moving engemy creatures probably does NOT counts towards daily quest "Move X creatures"

  • Cost reduction from Surplus lane in mission Thornwell Farm (RtCC episode 1) does NOT count towards daily quest "Reduce the cost of X cards", it seems other cost reduction cards (like blacksmith + reduced item cost) does NOT count either

  • Giving cover by playing or actively moving creature to shadow lane does NOT counts towards quest "Give cover to X creatures" (it did count in old client)

Another posts about daily quests bugs I noticed today:

I will be happy if you add another daily quests bugs if you know about some.

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