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List of easy Veteran dungeons with hardmode

TheElderScrolls9 - List of easy Veteran dungeons with hardmode

First of this list is for Players who are new to CP and Veteran dungeons and are wondering like I did "can I do this Dungeon with my CP?" but of course everyone can use it if they want to. I judged them as "easy" depending on how hard they hit and how many (and how tricky) mechanics that you have to know. But of course first of, you need to know the basics of: stay out of all the AOEs, interrupt everything that is channeling an attack, how to break free of stuns and not to run around the room thinking "get it off me, get it off me!" I will describe what you need to know in terms of mechanics further down.

Now to the short answer for the vet dungeons: most of them can be finished quite easiely even on Hard Mode.

More precise:

  • Fungal Grotto I & II

  • Spindleclutch I & II

  • The Banished Cells I

  • Darkshade Caverns I

  • Elden Hollow I

  • Wayrest Sewers I & II

  • Arx Corinium

  • City of Ash I & II

  • Direfrost Keep

  • Tempest Island

  • Volenfell

  • Blessed Crucible

  • Selene's Web

Now for what you need to know:

  • Fungal Grotto I: Mudcrap swarm and Dreugh hit hard even if the Mudcraps don't look intimidating so be careful, they luckily die Pretty quick though.

  • Fungal Grotto II: the Warchief boss will at some point trap a player and chain them to the ground while a sword is slowly approaching them. These chains are held by 4 ghosts that the boss spawns. The group only needs to kill one ghost to set the character free. If the sword touches the player chained he will die guaranteed, so watch out for your teammates. The Deadric spider boss has the ability to banish a random player in a separate dimension. Your only chance to escape that place is to kill all spiders that come at you in there. The final boss is a pain in the ass, as when she appeares your screen is colored blue which makes the Aoe that randomly appear around the place are hard to spot. Also there are two npcs at the side in a sphere. Do not go in/ touch the sphere despite them telling you to do so and also stay away from the AOEs the boss places on the ground.

  • Spindleclutch I: when "the Whisperer" (Deadric spider boss at the end of the Dungeon) looks at you dodge to avoid her attack its a oneshot to everyone but the tank so be careful.

  • Spindleclutch II: the hardmode for the final boss is special (the final boss here is when you go through the door where the spider boss was in Spindleclutch I) as the hardmode is Automatically active. If you look around you'll See multiple people chained on Crucifixes. The boss will try to heal off of them. If one of them dies you will fail Hard Mode but not the boss fight in general. I never had that happening though, they are quite tough.

  • The Banished Cells: the final boss "Rillis": your priorities should be to keep him as far away from the place he spawns as possible, because from time to time orbs (which you NEED to destroy will spawn there and make their way to the boss. If they reach him, Rillis will heal tremendously from them, so check his spawn again and again. Rillis will ocationally heavy attack. Every time he does so he will place an Aoe on a random player. Be careful to dodge out of it.

  • Darkshade Caverns I: when you reach the Mage boss interrupt her everytime she is channeling as she tries to channel a selfheal. When "The Hive Lord" does his huge aoe, push him to get rid of it. The final boss is a Sentinal. He has 3 Different colours but the colour you need to watch out for is red. When he is red he will target a random player and he will chase him. When he does so the chased player needs to kite him around the area (but don't run, it won't help and he is also not fast enough that you would need to run) without letting him hit the other players as his attacks really hurt. He can be taunted by the Tank but when he turns red he will ignore the taunt and chase someone random. Keep the Sentinals away from the dwemer spider's AOE as they will heal him.

  • Elden Hollow I: The Giant Strangler will ocationally spawn small stranglers in random locations that will try to heal him. Eather kill them or interrupt them (if you interrupt them you will need to do that again and again as they will keep trying). When "Canonreeve" Boss looks at you dodge backwards to avoid the Poison DOT she trys to toss at you, it will most likely not kill you but it does a lot of damage over time.

  • Wayrest Sewers: Be careful of the final boss as she will ocationally teleport behind a random player and backstabs them. That backstab does a lot of damage, so the healers need to be sure to heal their teammates asap.

  • Arx Corinium: stay out of the aoe of the first boss it really hurts and a squishy DD takes a lot of damage. Also the more damage she does with her AOE to the whole team the more she will heal from that damage. For the Lamia boss that has a small snake with her, DO NOT KILL THE SMALL SNAKE! That small snake will create a sphere around her that you need to walk into when the boss does her Scream. So try to keep the snake and the boss separated so the snake doesn't accidentally die to your AOEs. For the final boss "Sellistrix" keep her on land. When she does her AOE, go in the water and then go back up to her. If she does her AOE in the Water stay on la d as her AOE will electrocute the water.

  • City of Ash: stay clear of the fire Atronarch bosses Aoe as it is a oneshot.

  • Direfrost Keep: for the frist Boss (The troll) the only important thing is to keep him still and in place. For the final Boss "Drodda the Icereach" beware as she can't really be taunted. You can apply the taunt's Debuff on her with it, but she will attack whoever she wants to. From time to time she will grab you in a Stun, be sure to break free of it as fast as possible as the grab will not only hurt you but it will heal her VERY fast and if you are grabbed to long she will be at full health in no time and you will need to start all over again. Also she will teleport from time to time and everyone she does her first Attack will be a big Aoe with her as the center of it. Be sure to dodge it as in Veteran it is a oneshot.

  • Tempest Island: not much here however be sure to interrupt the Storm Atronarchs when they are channeling. Their electrical Discharge is very dangerous. For the final boss at the top of the mountain there is not much to it. However be sure to stay as close as possible to her. If you stand to far away from her she will come at you and superman punch you in the face and you will most likely die.

  • Volenfell: the first boss is a lion and has a fear Roar. When he fears you be sure to break free of it. The final "boss" are 3 Sentinals A blue, a red and a Yellow/green one. The Yellow/green needs to be taunted by the boss at all times. The Blue one will normally stay central and barely move but he will shoot lightning in the air that will place AOEs below your feet and they will follow you, they are easy to avoid just by walking (be sure you don't let them touch your teammates!) the red one is identical to the Red Phase Sentinals in Dark Shade caverns be sure to kite him around the place away from your group members when he aggros at you. The 3 Sentinals share one healthbar so if you damage them they from tins to time damage/heal themself to make their health equal.

  • Blessed Crucible: when the "Troll King" does his Aoe punches to the ground be sure to roll out of it and immediately back in (you need to roll in very quickly) if you stand to far away the troll King will jump at you and he does so very quickly. For the final boss stay a bit away from her as a DD as she will ocationally do an… Lavastream?… Attack that runs across the ground. Be sure to dodge it or it is a oneshot. From time to time fire Atronarchs will spawn. Be sure to kill them.

  • Selene's Web: not much to watch out here but when Selene is in her Human form from time to time green ghost bear wi attack you from behind and knock you to the ground (it doesn't hurt that much but it's quite annoying as that happens a lot of times) around her will spawn mobs who don't hurt to much but they will heal her from time to time, you can walk up to them and interrupt them (don't bother killing them as they will keep respawning) you should expect though that everytime you do Selene will wrap you in a web and pull you back to her, away from the healers.

If you keep those things in mind you should have no problem with Hard Mode in these dungeons.

At last a friendly advice: You WILL come across players who will kick you out of the group in veteran dungeons when you are not max CP (which is 810, you can go higher but you won't get points past 810 up until now), because they are elitist and think if your not max CP you are to weak for that Dungeon. Don't let it get to you and just go for the Dungeon again. As long as you know the mechanics and do your job Nobody should bother what CP you are.

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