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List of races, worst to best

TheElderScrolls8 - List of races, worst to best
  1. Khajiit

I just hate them. I’ve never been a fan of the beast races they just remind me of furries. 90% of the people who play them can’t even name a province of Tamriel other than Skyrim. (They probably don’t even know what Tamriel is)

  1. Argonians

They are like Khajiit but more interesting. While stick animals, at least argonians have an interesting homelands and culture. They are very mysterious. I think both beast races would be better if they were like they are in Morrowind.

  1. Altmer

They have fantastic abilities but they are clearly supposed to be hated. They are too stuck up and proud. They are very ugly as well.

  1. Orismer

Orcs are okay. I think it’s cool how they don’t have their own province but I think they were just slapped into the series to be more similar to other fantasy games. They have been getting better but still feel forced.

  1. Redguard

Probably my least favorite human race, I think Redguards are a pretty average race. I really like how they aren’t from Atmora but I feel like they rely too heavily on moorish culture, even if their skin color is different.

  1. Bosmer

I think the bosmer are pretty unique. I love how the males are shorter than the females and how they can grow antlers. I think that Valenwood sounds great and that was were I wished the next game would be. Unfortunately I also think they are too heavily drawn on wood elves of other games and books.

  1. Nord

The race I picked for my Skyrim playthrough, the nord is your average Viking. While they are generic, I also think that there is a lot of uniqueness in their culture and I really enjoyed seeing it fleshed out in Skyrim.

  1. Imperial

The most prestigious and populous race, Imperials are all throughout the continent. I like their strength and influence, and as of so far, every game has taken place in their empire. On the contrary, they are the definition of boring. Everything about their civilization is a rip off of the Roman Empire and cyrodiil was clearly inspired by medieval Europe.

  1. Breton (Manmer)

Bretons, while appearing in the outside as a direct copy of medieval French people, are actually much different than they may seem. Not only do they have a lot of elvish blood, and with that, a great history, but they are also quite skilled in the art of magic. While for the most part they are just like your average generic kingdom, there are also wild Bretons like the forsworn, which I think is a great addition

  1. Dunmer

Obviously the best race by far, as most people on this subreddit would agree, the Dunmer are unlike any fantasy trope. Their culture is entirely alien, as is their land. Morrowind has the best story of any ES game. The tribunal was definitely the single best piece of lore in the series. If every race was as unique as them, then there would be so much more diversity.

What are your lists?

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