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Long time solo player previously afraid to step foot into Cyrodiil, I’ve tried it today and it was so much fun!

TheElderScrolls10 - Long time solo player previously afraid to step foot into Cyrodiil, I've tried it today and it was so much fun!

I have to explain a little – I am CP760 right now, I've always played the game solo, occasionally helping people with overland world bosses, and recently soloing group dungeons. I loathed the idea of pvp as it made me anxious. I tend to play in a relaxed way and dont like intense button-mashing – enough problems irl for that. I did however cave in last year and decided to venture into Imperial city, after looking at some guides and respeccing and re-gearing my character. I, of course sucked, but I managed to keep myself alive for a while and even killed some other players. Still did not enjoy it too much and felt it wasnt for me.

In this Midyear Mayhem I went a different route. Since the event now gave 1 ticket in the IC and 2 tickets in Cyro I decided to venture there too. I did feel anxious, but once I got there I decided to change my attitude – who cares if I die, I couldnt give a damn about Tel Var stones, but I did like the rewards from the boxes and from various dailies, so I did those. When attacked by others I just stood there – i dont care if they kill me and I find it useful as I can then teleport to a destination I need, they get their Tel Var stones – its a win win for both of us.

However, today I jumped into the existing campaign where my alliance was winning, and I ended up next to the battlefield. And despite reservations I decided to tag along with everyone. It got completely wild! First of all, someone picked up Volendrung and I just followed their group taking keeps and fighting other players. Then someone nearby got the scroll and I ran along protecting that person.


It was chaotic, crazy, I had no freaking clue what I was doing or where I was going, but I enjoyed it so much!

I now understand why people advise to travel with a group – its not just for protection, its actually FUN. Anyways, half a day in and Im running around the map taking keeps and resources with other people. I've also managed to grab half of the shards on the map, complete two towns dailies for achievement, destroy 4 dolmens, get an alliance rank of Legionnaire, and unlock and level up some useful alliance skills. I know its not much for veteran players, but I REALLY enjoyed the experience and I believe discovered another part of the game that I'd like to participate in.

I dont have much time to game on a continuous basis like this, but I will definitely be coming back to Cyrodiil many time now. I still suck fighting others haha, but I can at least heal, raise others, or do something else useful for my alliance.

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, I had to get it off my chest.

I've seen a few complaints about Midyear Mayhem, that it forces people to play pvp. I think its the other way around, it prompts you to try things you would have not tried otherwise, even if it pushes you out of the comfort zone, and I think its a great thing.

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