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Looking for advice on my current Morrowind save!

TheElderScrolls4 - Looking for advice on my current Morrowind save!

Hello, I have a few questions for y'all about my charismatic character! As the finals are soon out of the way, I'll be able to get back tp Morrowind seriously and perhaps even finish the main questline for the first time!

-I think I saw a mod that removed level limits, allowing you to go over lvl 100 in your skills and Strength, Endurance… (forgot what it's called lol, I'm playing in french that's why). Is it a good idea to install it, as I already reached lvl 100 in my main weapon, and I don't think I'm that far onto the story. Will Dagoth be too easy if I stab him with my Daedric spear with 203 in spears and 150 strenght, knowing I don't use potions much?

-Any ideas about useful spells, especially in alteration? I already made a super jump one, but I don't really know about other shenanigans that can work in this game…

-How the hell does persuasion works? I'm almost lvl 100 in both persuasion and charisma with Caius' training and I still don't really get it…

-How does telekinesis works? One time I could take an object that was pretty far, but it didn't work the other time when I had to steal a book.

-Is there a mod so I can cast spells like in Oblivion, or like Skyrim's powers? Always switching from weapon to spells is annoying and makes me play only with my trusted lance, never using all those cool spells that hinder ennemies, because they mostly last less than 30 seconds, and with the constant stagger, it's simply really hard to cast mid battle spells that are obviously meant to be.

-While I'm at it, is there a way to reduce stagger effect? Be it via mods or a stat in game, it's kinda annoying when you just can't act because of it when you're still at say half of your stamina…

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-I didn't really got into enchanting, but is it worth it? Can you enchant permanent effects like elemental resistance like in skyrim and oblivion? So far I use a lot of magic items I find everywhere (Like that sweet belt that summons a scamp), but never enchanted myself as it's really costly…

Thanks for reading this post, if you did, and for your eventual answers!

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