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Looking for some advice on my character build

TheElderScrolls9 - Looking for some advice on my character build

My character:

Name: Jyte Sari Caelio

Race: Imperial

Birthsign: the Lady

God of Worship: Akatosh

Class: Knight

So basicly the idea behind her is that she is from a family in Cyrodiil who are of noble type, who worship Akatosh as their main deity because of how important he has been to the Empire/Imperials in general. She also comes from a family of long military service. She wishes to become a solider because of that. However, her father does not want her to because of everything that happened in the Great War and doesn't want her to go through all that he had to go through. But she goes against his wish and leaves home and heads up North for Skyrim to finally serve the Empire (and to essentially get some action on the battlefield). Because of her upbringing she has been trained for battle enough to hold her own but not yet a note worthy warrior (which serves as an explanation for the beginning game stats, the companions recruitment, and her class). However, after she is noticed to be missing at home, her father suspects her plan and somehow sends word ahead of her to have Imperial soldiers apprehend her at the border and bring her back. She is caught and put on the wagon to Helgen. While they are all on the way she starts to talk to the Stormcloak prisoners and begin to understand their struggle. However, she isn't fully on their side yet. Now this is where the game actually beings. The reason her name isn't on the list is because she wasn't really a prisoner but just being restrained. Because of this the Captain, who isn't fully informed of the situation, misunderstands the situation and has her executed anyways. She doesn't resist because she doesn't want to end up with an arrow in the back like the horse thief. Once Alduin begins attacking she escapes with the Stormcloaks. When deciding between Ralof and Hadvar, she chooses Ralof because she doesn't trust the Empire right now because of the fact they almost executed her and the Stormcloaks so far have given her a chance to get some action. After escaping with Ralof she begins to sympathies with the Stormclaoks and considers joining them after Ralof suggests it.

Okay, so this is where I need a second opinion. My plan is for her to join the Stormcloaks and begin the civil war that way. However, I want her to be an Imperial Soldier, so I wanted her to switch sides after the retrieving the Jagged Crown and bring it to General Tullius instead of Ulfric Stormcloak. Thus, making her an Imperial as I planned. However, I'm not sure how to justify this for the character. Like why after fighting for the Stormcloaks would she want to switch sides?


These are the reasons I have come up with:

She feels guilty about it because her whole upbringing and family history all points to staying loyal to the Empire. Because she feels so guilty she is unable to give up the Jagged Crown to the Stormcloaks and Joins the Empire.

Or after seeing how the Stormcloaks actually fight and talking to more of the soldiers than just Ulfric and Ralof she starts to dislike them and decides to go back to the confort of the Empire.

Another reason, if I'm willing to wait a bit to start the civil war, would be to complete the Main Quest mission in the Thalmor Embassy. After reading the dossier on Ulfric and realising that the Thalmor want him to win, she switches sides to aid the Empire in the overall fight against the Thalmor.

Or after visiting Windhelm and witnessing the racism that Ulfric supports she is turned away and decides to switch

A minor reason too could be that she sees him as a hypocrite because he leads his people against the Empire in the name of Talos, even though Talos is all about the Empire. Although I'm not fully sold on this because right now it's the Mede dynasty and Talos was the Septim dynasty. Even though I personally don't really think it makes a difference and actually agree with it, I don't think my character would really care too much since to my understanding the Mede dynasty is really in great favor rn.

So what would you guys say is a good reason for my character to switch sides, back to the Imperials. If you want to just tell me which of my reasons makes the most sense or suggest your own idea, either way I'm happy. THANKS!

also as a side note, the reason I kinda created this character was to use the Imperial heavy armour and to use sword and shield. then once I get to level 100 on one-handed switch to the Champion's Cudgel and start on leveling up two handed. then once I reach 100 heavy armour switch to light armour.

so basically im not intending on being stormcloak at all

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