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(Lore) Do my character backgrounds/themes work?

TheElderScrolls9 - (Lore) Do my character backgrounds/themes work?

So while this is certainly not something you can do in-game, I've been trying to think up short backstories to my characters, so that each one has a "theme" that can be reflected in game through appearance and abilities. Out of curiosity, do any of these break with the lore in any way? (I am still learning a lot of the ESO lore, and know of almost nothing pre-Skyrim)

Salmah Kanji (Redguard StamKnight)

Weapons: 2h (sword), DW (swords), medium armour/heavy armourAn apprentice sword-singer from Hammerfell, Salmah has journeyed to High Rock to lend her blades, not only to the cause of King Emeric to honour the Daggerfall Covenant, but also to the defence of Tamriel itself from the daedric hordes.

CAUSE OF DEATH: During the journey to High Rock, Salmah fell ill and began to rapidly waste away. Not knowing what to do, her caravan took her to a group of travellers who claimed to be mystic healers. These "healers," however, were in fact the Worm Cult, and Salmah was sacrificed to Molag Bal and sent to Coldharbour…before conveniently being released back to Tamriel.

PERSONALITY: Outwardly calm and refined, but her soul was profundly troubled by her death and resurrection. She has an inner rage that gets released in battle as gouts of burning flame and arcane venom.

Lokhir Thread-Cutter (Nord Stamplar)

Weapons: 1h/shield (axe), 2h (axe), medium/heavy armour

A newly initiated priest to Stendarr (or possibly Akatosh, I haven't decided), Lokhir and his father journeyed south with the Ebonheart Pact's armies to do battle against the Worm Cult.

CAUSE OF DEATH: In that battle, however, Lokhir's father died, and Lokhir himself was captured and sacrificed…and then jailbreak happened, yadda yadda yadda. In the aftermath, Lokhir was chosen by Meridia to become her vessel in her perpetual war against undeath…a role that Lokhir was not given a choice in.


PERSONALITY: Good-humoured, full of bravado…though this is usually done to mask his uncertainty. After losing his father and failing/dying in battle, Lokhir has severe doubts about himself and his worthyness as a warrior…and the fact that Meridia has chosen him to be her champion has made him feel doubly uneasy, as he feels he no longer has any free will now.

Dex'torr the Black (Khajit Nightblade…no idea if Stam or Magic, still a new char)

Weapons: Dw (eventually), Bow

A notorious pirate and smuggler, Dex'torr would often sail under the noses of the Aldmeri Dominion's fleets to smuggle rare spices (including/especially moon sugar) to less-than-scrupulous ports. He only serves the Dominion from time to time by dint of the fact that Rhazum-Dar, the Proxy Queen's spymaster, has incurred his debt (and has also gathered some uncompromising information on him), forcing Dex'torr to act in the Dominion's interests from time to time. If he can make some profit on the side, of course, all the better.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Was invited at the docks of Khenari's Roost by a stranger seemingly willing to negotiate a smuggling contract. What he found instead was an ambush. He was drugged, brought to a secret lair of the Worm Cult, and sacrificed by Mannimarco himself. And then the jaibreak happened, etc.

PERSONALITY: Larcenous, duplicitous, never tells the truth when a lie (or a half-truth) will do. Ultimately self-serving, though his life of crime has also given him a degree of ruthlessness for when it counts. His death and resurrection, though, have caused an increase in his paranoia and tendency towards addiction: he already died once, and has no wish to return to Coldharbour again if he can help it.

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