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Loredas Lore Day! A is for Azura: the Nerevarine Prophecy

TheElderScrolls14 - Loredas Lore Day! A is for Azura: the Nerevarine Prophecy

Ah, I see we have a new student to the arcaneum! Take a seat and dust off that tome. It's about time you learned a bit about the history of Tamriel. We'll start off in the province of Morrowind, on the Isle of Vvardenfell. There, some Dumer worship the Daedric prince Azura: Goddess of dusk and dawn. While considered one of the 'good' Daedra, an {{Edict of Azura}} can bring sweeping retibution to those that incur her wrath.

The best example of this can be found in the Nerevarine Prophecy. During the first era, Azura's named her first champion: a Chimer called Indoril Nerevar. As the first Hortator of the united houses of Morrowind, he led their armies to defeat the Dwemer when it was discovered that they found the heart of Lorkhan and intended to use it to ressurect the Numidium: a mechanical god named Akulakhan. Now, we're not exactly sure how or by who, but Nerevar is killed at the battle of Red Mountain, but not before being told by Azura that the power of the heart should not be used and must be destroyed instead. Dagoth Ur betrayed the alliance by using {{the mechanical heart}} to transform himself into a god, claiming that he only did so to protect the heart from the ambition of Indoril's other three councilors: {{Sotha Sil}} {{Vivec}} and {{Almalexia}}. Working together, the three councilors defeat Dagoth Ur, but eventually they too use the power of the heart to transform themselves into the gods known as the Tribunal; breaking their promise to Nerevar. The Chimer then turned their reverence away from Azura, Boethia, and Mephala as anticipations to the new Tribunal gods. But Dagoth Ur actually survived his defeat and resurfaced to guard Red Mountain from the Tribunal, preventing them from replenishing their power from the heart and contesting their godhood. While the Tribunal were able to contain Dagoth and his minions in Red Mountain with the ghostfence, {{Ghostgate Defender}}s, and {{Indomitable Ordinator}}s the volcano's ash carried {{corpus disease}} that plagued the inhabitabts if Morriwind with cancerous growths.

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With a stalemate set between the forces of the Tribunal and Dagoth's Sixth House, Azura cursed the Chimer people and transformed them into the red-eyed Dunmer of today. Azura then Prophesied that Nerevar would be reborn as the Nerevarine, who would again {{unite the houses}} to fulfill her wish of destroying the heart and put an end to the false Godhood of the Tribunal and Dagoth Ur.

Fearing the loss of their already draining immortaility, the Tribunal hunted down and killed anyone who claimed to bet the Nerevarine, often claiming they were a {{False Incarnate}}.Over the following centuries several Nerevarine tried to fulfill the prophecy, but failed. One particularly of note was from the Alliance War of the Second Era, a Dunmer by the name Conoon Chodala. Having stolen the magical staff Sunna'rah from Sotha Sil, Chodala planned to use it to drain Vivec of his power and fulfil the prophecy. But {{Chodala's treachery}} never came to fruition. Having distracted himself with the pursuit of glory, Chodala is killed by the Hero of Coldharbor before he can fulfil the prophecy, and becomes a failed incarnate of Nerevar.

Eventually, near the end of the third Era, the Nerevarine Prophecy is fulfilled: Nerevar is reborn, Defeats Dagoth Ur, and destroys the heart. As the Tribunal's power wanes, Almalexia betrays and kills Sotha Sil, and is then herself killed by the Nerevarine when she betrays him. Vivec is also said to have dissapeared during this time, and the power he used to keep the meteor Baar Dau floating above his city fails. As the meteor crashed down, it triggered the eruption of Red Mountain that destroyed much of Vvardenfel in what is now known as the {{Red Year}}. With the Tribunal dead or missing and Vvardenfel in disaster, the Dunmer reclaimed their faith in Azura, while still revereing the Tribunal as saints. It may have taken a few Eras, but let this be a lesson to never incur Azura's wrath: while it was the Tribunal that defied her will, it was all of Morrowind that paid the price for their arrogance.

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Of course, there are many accounts, myths and legends that surround these events. To be honest I'm not entirely sure on all of the details myself, so if I missed something or you have anything to add, there's plenty of blank pages left to include your side of the story if you like!

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