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Loredas Lore Day! B is for Barbas: The Shapeshifting Servant of Clavicus Vile!

TheElderScrolls8 - Loredas Lore Day! B is for Barbas: The Shapeshifting Servant of Clavicus Vile!

Hey there Champ! Hey! Hey YOU! Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU! How ya doin there pal? It's me: {{Barbas}}! You might not know it yet, but I know we're already gonna be the best of friends! How can I tell? Well first off, you don't seem to surprised that I'm a talking dog! That always seems to be the first thing people notice. But you're different. I like that!

Anyway, I'm here because deep down, you wish you had a friend like me, and so: now you do! Need a pal to charge into battle? I'll take care of It! Want someone to guard your back? You got it! And it's all thanks to my master, Clavicus Vile! You don't know who that Is? Why, he's one of the seventeen Daedric princes! Ol' Clavie' is the prince of wishes and bargains, and master of the Fields of Regret in Oblivion! He sent me out to find someone who could help him out with a little problem: you see it appears he finds me VERY annoying. You don't think I'm ANNOYING do you? Huh? Doya doya doooooo ya? Nahhh, of course not! Who could not love Barbas, right? That's why I usually take the shape of a dog, it makes it easier on you mortals!

What am I really? Well that's a tough question. A long time ago, I was just a {{bedeviling scamp}} named Creeper. summoned by an orc merchant who whished for a Daedra that would be more trustworthy than his employees who were stealing his merchandise. And boy, was I ever! I even ran the store better than he did when he was alive. After all, I was the only one he could trust to run the store, right? Oh I forgot to mention: Clavicus might grant lots of wishes, but they don't always come out like you would expect. He's a fun guy like that. Always keeping things interesting!

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So you might be wondering: why does a Daedric prince need a talking dog? And the answer is: why is a Daedric prince a talking dog? You see, it's a little complicated, but I'm actually Clavicus Vile, or at least a part of him, but, also not really. Clavicus doesn't have too much power outside his shrines and plane of oblivion, so he made me out of himself to help him out when he needs something from one of you mortals. Now, we don't always agree on things, so that can make things tricky, but who doesn't suffer from a little external conflict now and then, right?


If you think about it, I'm a lot like a {{Daedric Dagger}}, or any other weapon imbued with the vestige of a Daedra. Daedric weapons are items made with a small portion of a Daedra's spiritual essence. The Hero of Coldharbor is one example such vestige. Such a great pal! I don't even mind he or she killed me that one time! See? I hardly even remember! The first {{Daedric Titan}} was also a Daedric vestige trapped in a dragon's body. Some people say they even sound like a dragons, and that's why!

But perhaps the most famous Daedric weapon of all is {{Umbra}} At least to me it is, because it's me too! Clavicus also put his essessence into an enchanted sword called Umbra, but it wasn't too happy about that, the sword I mean, so Umbra broke free and took much of Clavicus' power with it. That's why He's always sending me out to find it. But I know better: that sword is no good for him, nothing good ever happens when he gets it. The sword was intended to trap souls for Vile by compelling whoever weilded it to charge into battle to feed it more souls. But the blacksmith who made it was actually Sheogorath in disguise, and tricked Clavicus by allowing the sword to gain sentience and then break free from his control. Now, even I have to admit that's a good one!

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Aww but it looks like its time for me to go! I don't want to break TESLbot again, so I'm gonna get going before I get too carried away! I can already tell you're kinda starting to wish you had your hands around my neck! I get it. Don't worry, I'll be back! After all, who else is gonna help you fulfill you wish to make Legend this month but me, your best pal Barbas?

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