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Loredas Lore Day! C is for The College of Winterhold: Skyrim’s Premier Mages Guild!

TheElderScrolls3 - Loredas Lore Day! C is for The College of Winterhold: Skyrim's Premier Mages Guild!

Attention students, I have many important things on my mind, and all of you are far from any of them! I am {{Ancano}}, Thalmor advisor to Savos Aren, Arch-Mage of {{the College of Winterhold}}. The college of Winterhold is Skyrim's elite mages guild, and all of you have shown the required aptitude for the magical arts to become accepted as a student. I'd like to take this moment to personally congratulate all of our new Altmer students: I look forward to watching your talents grow with exceptional interest! As for the rest of you: Well…I'm sure you will do as well as can be expected.

Let's start with a bit of history: the college was founded in the first era by Shalidor, perhaps one of the greatest mages to have ever lived. Shalidor was a master in every discipline of magic imaginable. It is said that the nearby Labyrinthian ruins from the Dragon Cult Era were built by Shalidor himself. Why, even the city of Winterhold was said to have been materialized by a mere whisper from Shalidor's lips. The Labyrinthian was also designed as a test for new mages, so when you are ready for the challenge; be prepared to face {{Deadly Draughr}}, {{Frost Trolls}}, and even {{Skeletal Dragons}}. The Labyrinthian is also said to be where Shalidor drove himself to madness with his resesearch. Legend claims he stole the secret of life from Akatosh, an esoteric artifact called Grimoril. Nobody knows what it is or if its even a material thing but it is allegedly hidden somewhere within the maze. However, since the artifact is also supposedly guarded by the dragon priest {{Morokei the Deathless}}, more prudent students would try to avoid such pitfalls during thier trial.

As you can imagine, one of the big differences between the College of Winterhold and other mage's guilds is the tolerance of necromancy. The Dunmer and their superstitions regarding the dead prohibit necromancy in Morrowind. The simple common Nord also tends to fear what they do not understand. But here in Winterhold, we hold no such prohibition. Shalidor belived knowledge is knowledge, but with prevailing attitudes still viewing the art with apprehension we don't always advertise our acceptance of this discipline.

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You may have also noticed on your way in that the College is quite…separate from the rest of the city of Winterhold. A great tragedy struck the Northern coast of Skyrim early in the fourth era which caused most of the city to collapse into the sea. Only the College was saved through the use of a magical barrier powered by the surrounding magics. Many outsiders believed that the College was responsible for the great wave that swept away the city, but our internal records from that time suggest that a seismic aftershock related to the {{The Red Year}} disaster over a hundred years prior may have been the responsible.

What was the origin of this magical barrier? Well, now that you are students we can let you in on our best kept secret: The Augur of Dunlain. The Augur was once a promising student like yourselves until he fused with the magical energies that surround the College in a freak accident long ago. You can visit him in the midden below the college if you like, he has quite a reliquary of knowledge available to impart to those with the curiosity. Just be mindful of the {{Ice Wraiths}} and the {{Frostbite spiders}} that also make the midden their home.

Ah, and here we are in the Arcaneum: Almost any tome or text worth reading in can be found within these halls. If you're having trouble finding anything particular our {{Arcaneum Librarian}} Urag Gro-Shub will be more than happy to help. Find any good Elder Scrolls lately Urag? A little secret: bring him a book if you want to get on his good side.

You'll be staying in the Hall of Attainment with the other apprentices, so feel free to get to know your fellow students. Just a bit of advice though: don't read any scrolls {{J'zargo}} gives you. That cat is too proficient with destruction magic for his own good!

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The hall of countenance is where our more advanced student reside. Drevis Neloren is perhaps the best {{Winterhold Illusionist}} that can be found here, although it's usually best to pretend you don't see him. If you're in need of a {{Destruction Tutor}}, Faralda can help give you're spells more punch. Phinis Gestor is our {{Conjuration Tutor}} if you'd like to learn how to better command your elememtal Atronachs. Tolfdir excels in alteration, and always has something to keep you busy if you're looking for something to do!

That should be enough of an introduction to get you started on your studies. Now if you excuse me: another student has just returned from our excavation at Saarthal and claims they found something I might find interesting. Well we'll see about this!

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