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Magical Unarmed Skill Tree Concept

TheElderScrolls15 - Magical Unarmed Skill Tree Concept

Here’s my idea for an unarmed tree that would be a magical melee alternative to staves. Let me know if this seems to strong or too weak in the comments. All abilities, lights and heavy attacks would be costing mana and dealing magical damage unless it says otherwise. I thought about what magical builds lack while also going for an original setup that feels unique from other weapons by relying heavily on light and heavy attacks and have abilities that reflect that. Most classes have magical gap closers but lack a magical melee alternative to staves and I thought what better than unarmed? The weapon to be used would be two handed hand wraps that go over hand armor with runes scratched into the fabric. Also with this skill line implemented, Khajit would gain 15% increased learning rate with this skill line and Redguards would gain 15% learning rate with medium armor. Again, comment down below with your opinions and thoughts on this concept for a magical melee alternative.

Ult: Rage (75 ult cost) Enhance your unarmed attack’s, dealing 20% more damage with each consecutive light and heavy attack for 20 seconds, capping at 200%

Morph 1: Unrelenting Rage Increases damage cap to 500%, increase cost to 100 and duration to 30 seconds

Morph 2: Gluttonous Rage Heal 5% of your max health per attack

Ability 1: Magical Strike Focus your magical energy and grant yourself Empower, causing your next light attack to deal 40% more damage, plus an additional x amount of magical damage

Morph 1: Fiery Strike Additional damage now deals flame damage applying the burning effect and causing x damage over 4 seconds

Morph 2: Icy Strike Additional damage now deals frost damage applying the chilled effect and slowing enemies by 50% for 4 seconds

Ability 2: Invigorate Concentrate and channel your magical energy, granting yourself Major Sorcery increasing your spell damage by 20% for 20 seconds

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Morph 1: Enhance Also gain Minor Expedition, increasing movement speed by 10 % and restore 1% of your maximum magicka per second

Morph 2: Endure Also gain Minor Protection reducing your damage taken by 8% and restore 1% of your maximum health per second

Ability 3: Chain of Blows Your next 6 basic attacks will deal an increased x amount of shock damage causing the concussed effect

Morph 1: Slowing Chain Your basic attacks slow enemies by 10% for 1 second per successful strike, stacking the duration and amount with other slows

Morph 2: Restoring Chain Restore 5% of your max magica per strike

Ability 4: Battle Cry Fear all enemies and slow them by 20% for 5 seconds in a 8m area

Morph 1: Cry of Anguish While slotted, gain Minor Vitality, increasing healing taken by 8%

Morph 2: Prophet’s Cry While slotted gain Minor Prophecy, increasing your spell critical by 1320

Ability 5: Rejuvenate Expel 2 negative effects and heal for 40% of your missing health

Morph 1: Restore While slotted, gain minor intellect, increasing your magica recovery by 10%

Morph 2: Repel While slotted, projectiles will deal 10% reduced damage

Passive 1: Fisticuffs Increase your light and heavy attack damage and speed with unarmed attacks by 5% (10% rank 2)

Passive 2: Mauler Your light and heavy attacks deal 10% (20% at rank 2) increased damage to enemies affected by the burning, chilled or concussed status effects.

Passive 3: Unbreakable Gain 500 (1000 rank 2) max magica and health

Passive 4: Iron Fist Move at regular speed while blocking unarmed bash attacks cost magica and cause minor fracture to enemies for 3 seconds (6 at rank 2)

Passive 5: Strafe Your dodge rolls restore 250 magica (500 rank 2)

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