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Master Series PSA for Those New to Card Gaming

TheElderScrolls4 - Master Series PSA for Those New to Card Gaming

Recently at the Kentucky Derby there was a judge ruling that changed the result of the race. The leading horse momentarily veered into a rivals lane which is grounds for disqualification in the case that there is interference. Never before has there been a disqualification in the Kentucky Derby (except for when the use of illegal drugs was found out).

What happened to Maximum Security, the leading horse? He unofficially won the race, but ended up disqualified. And what about the rival who was interfered with? The rival who was interfered with lost gracefully and with honor. What about Country House, the horse who's racing path was not interfered with and admittedly had a loss of momentum?

Well you see, Country House was the beneficiary of his handlers making the objection, despite likely not being impacted by any of the leading horses interference, and was officially declared the victor of the Kentucky Derby.

Many people were disgusted by such an unsportsmanlike abuse of the rules. But many people also supported the use of an objection and sing the praises of the stewards who followed through with the objection.

My lovely wife was on the disgusted side and rightfully so. We should all be on the disgusted side, but many people have something wrong with them that cause them to support such things.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a card game. Many of you players that aren't familiar with card games may not know this, but some of the most unsportsmanlike conduct you can imaging is in the wheelhouse of top card game players.

Take Magic the Gathering for instance. Many TESL players, including developers, and people who run tournaments have been, at heart, Magic players. Unfortunately for the good ones, Magic the Gathering has some of the most scandalous and unfair happenings with regards to following rules that there can be.

Not only are there hall of fame tier players that are outright caught cheating, but many players support the use of what is known, in slang terms, to be "jedi mind tricks." Such a mind trick can be, for example, when one player intentionally does something that causes their opponent to perform some minor rules violation. Another example would be intentionally causing the opponent to forget their mandatory effects.

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These low down dirty rat plays are considered many times to be just playing to win, without pesky moral value, and I would argue that such unsportsmanlike behavior might as well be supported by those who develop MTG so long as such behavior benefits MTG as a whole.


What about TESL though? As I've made apparent… Many people, especially card players, will try to beat you at any cost. They do not care how low they sink and, I must admit, playing Conscription is very tempting. Last year I was victim of what I consider to be dirty play at the start of the first qualifier and I would like to help you not be a victim.

In my case, my first round opponent was watching my play a casual game and I was messaging them and asking them if they were ready. I tried all kinds of messages and that included asking them if they spoke English as I had no idea why they where watching my game, but not responding to me as to when they would be ready to play the first round of the opponent.

After this experience I messaged the admin about starting my match and I found out that my opponent not only knew English, but they knew it well enough to make a complaint against me not being ready for them in time.

So despite not responding to my in game messages, they had the audacity and thirst to win at any cost to make a complaint against me because I had not clicked the ready button on the tournament website and clicking that button was essentially a rule.

Luckily, the admin just had us play our games, but I urge you not to expect any judge to ever rule in a fair way. Again, many people do not see an issue with this type of cheating via abuse of the rules. There will even be people who comment on this thread and say that my opponent was not wrong for trying to say that I was not ready to play our match despite my messages to them to the contrary.

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Keep these ideas in your head. Many people do not care how they win and you ought not give them any opportunities to beat you in an unfair way via rule technicality. Be familiar with what you have to do when you participate in the upcoming tournaments and then you will be less likely to be screwed.

Finally, play with dignity and absolutely fucking crush anyone who tries to win in an unfair way. If you do end up on the unfortunate side of such an event, then do as I did and channel the negative energy from experiencing such an event into a little fire that keeps your eyes bright.

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